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Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  Volunteer Needed


One of our pick-up day volunteers for this Friday has an emergency and we need a replacement for the 1-3:30 slot.

If you can help, please sign up at or email me at


Manchester Locally Grown:  Tomatoes are Available!

Last minute information! Frontier Family Farm has the first red ripe Better Boy tomatoes on the market. Unsprayed and grown with minerals added to the water, these tomatoes will be a great addition to a salad made with the greens from Grundy Greens! Yum! If you miss ordering this week, since the market will close soon, be sure to get some next week.

— Linda

Homegrown Co-op:  Market OPEN for Saturday! Summer Hours, New Programs and a Survey!


2310 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 895-5559


Place your order today on our online market

Saturday Market:
Order online Wednesday 3pm – Friday 9am for pickup or delivery Saturday afternoon.
Wednesday Market:
Order online Saturday 1pm – Tuesday 9am for pickup or delivery Wednesday afternoon.



TUESDAY – 11am to 6pm
WEDNESDAY – 10am to 7pm
THURSDAY – 11am to 6pm
FRIDAY – 11am to 6pm
SATURDAY – 10am to 7pm
SUNDAY – 11am to 5pm


We would be very grateful if you would take a minute to fill out our very brief, three question survey to help us better serve the community. Click here to take the survey!


Starting next week we will be implementing SUMMER HOURS for our retail store. The new schedule is as follows:
MONDAY – Store Closed
TUESDAY – 11am to 6pm
WEDNESDAY – 10am to 7pm (no change)
THURSDAY – 11am to 6pm
FRIDAY – 11am to 6pm
SATURDAY – 10am to 7pm (no change)
SUNDAY – 11am to 5pm

The online market will continue to operate on the same schedule with pickup days remaining WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.



Do you ever find yourself lost in the conventional produce department of a chain grocery store at 9:30pm wishing you had remembered to order your local organic veggies from Homegrown’s Online Market? Well, those nightmares are over! We, at Homegrown have created a new program to keep you stocked with healthy, ethical and of course organically produced food. By joining our new Seasonal Produce Program, you can rest assured that each week you will be able to enjoy the best the season has to offer without worrying about meeting our ordering deadlines.

Our Produce Program will provide you with a once or twice-a-week selection of Seasonal Produce, Local Greens and/or Fruit in either small, medium or large sizes. Your order will be filled with the best food money can buy and conveniently ordered just for you.

Here’s the skinny on how to keep your belly full of healthy yummy food:
—Select which program you would like to subscribe to.
—Choose which size box you would like.
—Select which day you want your food: Wednesday or Saturday or both.
—Choose in-store Pickup or Home Delivery*

The Seasonal Produce Program will keep you stocked with fresh food for for 12 or 24 weeks at a time. For your convenience, we will notify you when your subscription ends and ask if you’d like to renew. The Produce Program will allow you a 2 week vacation during your subscription, so please don’t worry that you will have food spoiling while you are away. Please notify us a week in advance if you plan to be away.

Small Box – 12 Weeks – $220 ($20 savings = one free box)
Small Box – 24 Weeks – $435 ($45 savings = two free boxes)
Medium Box – 12 weeks $385 ($35 savings = one free box)
Medium Box – 24 Weeks $765 ($75 savings = two free boxes)
Large Box – 12 Weeks $550 ($50 savings = one free box)
Large Box – 24 Weeks $1090 ($110 savings = two free boxes)

Payment options
Option #1: Pre-pay for your entire season
Option #2: Pay a 50% deposit for the subscription and pay weekly for the pro-rated balance.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to or fill out a form in our retail store.

*If you opt for delivery an additional charge will be applied



Remember to have your member card ready at checkout!

Not a Member yet? Support your local food economy by becoming a member.


Shop at the On-line Farmer’s Market

Place your order before Friday at 9am for pick-up or delivery on Saturday.

Your order is FINAL once placed, and you are responsible for pick-up and payment.

Pickup is from 12pm-7pm on Saturday. Sorry, we cannot accommodate early pickups.

Don’t forget, orders for fresh bread from Olde Hearth Bread Company must be placed by 4:00pm Thursday to satisfy your order

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Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm Week of June 10 2013

Written wednesday 6am. sunny and warm, sun comes up at 5:39am this day, heading for the solstice, longest day June 21. for orders.
I headed all the chard, so fresh leaves coming in. New crop of Nero kale can be harvested. It’s the dark green rumpled leaf variety some call Dinosaur Kale.

Just so it doesn’t go off your radar, "just last week, some of the country’s top climatologists wrote in the Washington Post about global warming:

Legions of studies support the view that, left unabated, this warming will produce dangerous effects…." Read the rest at

Old 99 Strawberry Solstice is coming up a week this sunday. hope you are planning to come for afternoon picnic potluck and strawberry pigout. I supply the cream, folks bring a quart of berries. Pls RSVP.

Healthy eating,

The Cumming Harvest:  Newsletter - June 12, 2013

Market News

Good Morning! I have several items to tell you about this week. First off, if you’ve noticed Brown Eyed Girl hasn’t had milk listed for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, they’re going to be out of town most of this month so they’ve decided to take a break and get back to us mid July. In the mean time, please support another local farmer, Chad Carlton of Carlton Farms. He delivers Raw Milk to the Chalcedon Church off of Pilgrim Mill Road every Wednesday between 3:30-4:30pm. You can visit his website, to pre-order or just stop by his delivery truck. By the way, his cows are grass-fed and GMO free.

I have found another possible resource for us and need your help. I have contacted Sam Jones, a dairy in Butler, GA that is willing to deliver his milk to us. He will be delivering to 2 other locally grown markets as well as ours so, as you can imagine, we’re still working on logistics. To help him know what he’s getting into he’s asked for an idea of possible weekly sales. He sells in 1/2 gal glass jars. You pay a $3 deposit on each jar (2 jars per customer), your name is permanently written on the jar and returned for the next order. He has a closed heard of Jersey cows eating grass and GMO-free feed. We currently have about 11-16 gallons of milk ordered each week. Please email me to let me know if you would order and how many per week.

RASPBERRIES My Daily Bread has no spray raspberries for sale this week!

PEACHES! Georgia is the Peach State and you would think that we would have a plethora of choices for Organic Peaches. Regrettably, we do not!

1. Most conventional peach Farmers use the “Integrated Pest Management System” which is regulated by the federal government! Well, that pretty much tells the story…)

2. They must lay out little pest traps and catch pests that are around the trees. They then determine if they are good pests or bad pests and spray the surrounding trees (usually an acre or more) with a pesticide to get rid of the bad pest. They must keep detailed records of what was sprayed, where it was sprayed and results.

3. If a tree develops mold/fungus, they determine the type and spray that tree as well as the surrounding trees, up to an acre.

4. Once picked the peaches are treated with a synthetic fungicide and a coating of a petroleum based agent to ‘seal’ the fruit and keep it ‘fresh’ until we bring it home! (uh, how can something be called “fresh” if it is covered with a pesticide and oil?)

Although NOT local, our best option is Watsonia Farms in South Carolina. Watsonia Farms is over 100 years old and is run by the same family that started it those many years ago. They currently sell at several organic producer only markets around Atlanta and would like to sell with us. Here’s what they will start offering…

White peaches by the box. Peaches are packed in foam in 16 lb boxes. Depending on the size of the peaches, there will be anywhere from 48 to 54 peaches per box. The cost for a box is $44. This works out to $2.75 per pound. If you go to Whole Foods and get the very SAME Organic Peaches from Watsonia, the price is $4.00 per pound. So, ordering them directly is a great savings.

Since Organic peaches have ABSOLUTELY no fungicidal or petroleum based coating on them to delay the ripening and coming to full flavor, they will keep them refrigerated until late Wednesday when I pick them up. The peaches are misted with a fine all natural beeswax spray in an effort to keep them as fresh as possible from Farm to Market and to you!

They will probably reach their peak of flavor on Sunday and should be refrigerated at that point! Depending on the temperature in your house, they may peak not peak until Monday. It’s important to keep them at room temperature until they reach their peak flavor to avoid them “tasting like store-bought-little-flavored peaches”, but you don’t want to let them go too long! To ensure that they do not get ‘mushy’ it is important to put them in the fridge at the right point!

Questions?: Please feel free to contact the farmers directly, they are available to answer your questions and concerns. If you have questions about the market, I am always available. If you don’t know who to ask, email us both. :)

Building 106, Colony Park Dr. in the Basement of Suite 100, Cumming, GA 30040. Pick up every Saturday between 10-12pm.
Google Map

To view the harvest today and tomorrow till 8pm, visit “The Market” page on our website, The Cumming Harvest

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn:  Special Edition! Last Minute Orders?

Greetings All:

Heirloom Living Market will close at Noon today!

If you have already placed an order and find something else that you would like, simply create a second order. The system will combine them and viola – your items will be ready for you to pick up on Thursday!

Mary and I visited David and Shalley Carrell of Carrell Farms yesterday! We got to see the Water Buffalo and Alpacas that live on this beautiful and peaceful Homestead! The pastures are lush and green and the Buffalo were relaxing in — you guessed it, in the WATER! Since we did not have a Farmer of the Week scheduled, we kinda, sorta twisted their arms and Shalley will be at Market this week as our Farmer of the Week!

She will be at Market with delicious samples of Water Buffalo for you to taste! She will also have limited items for you to purchase. I have told you about the Brats, ground meat and Hot Dogs that Mary and I have both eaten! The meat was all fabulous! Of course the Water Buffalo are grass-fed and pasture raised!

Being a Texas girl — I am partial to Beef! I have tried Bison, which some people call Buffalo and was not impressed – too strong! This is not Bison! This is Water Buffalo. I don’t pretend to know all about them or how the meat differs, but I do know it is fantastic! Please take a minute at pickup to introduce yourself and get to know a little about our newest Farmers! Try one of the delicious samples that Shalley is preparing for us and take home something new, interesting and delicious for your family! She will also be sharing recipes!

Oh, by the way, for those of you who do Bone Broth – I made some with bones from Carrell Farms last week and I was blown away, not only by the extremely rich flavor but also by the excellent gel that I got! Amazing! (Yes, you know that The Black Lab got a bone or two after they were soft and perfect for him to munch!)

Their herd of Alpacas are gorgeous and David and Shalley will also be listing yarn and some beautifully crafted rugs and other items in the next few weeks! Both Mary and I are so excited that Shalley and David will be joining our Heirloom Living Market Family!

Johnston Family Farm has FRESH Raw Cow Milk!

Little Tots Estate is still offering BOGO for Goat Milk!

All Raw Milk is labeled for Pet Consumption! This is the only way the RAW milk can legally be sold in the state of Georgia.

The Roastin’ Fool is back! Grab a pound of David’s robust but creamy and smooth Vigilance Blend coffee! Mornings never had it so good! David will be joining us next week with Dabrielle of My Daily Bread! David’s smooth and rich coffee will pair well with the yummy treats Dabrielle brings for you to sample!

Raspberries If you didn’t get in on Raspberries from Doug’s Garden this week, be sure and check out My Daily Bread’s offering of Raspberries! Dabrielle is also sending some down for the Farmers’ Sale Table! They are fresh and plump! I am truly loving all of the fruit that is available to us!

We will also have a limited supply of Clingstone Peaches at Market pickup! I processed and froze 2.5 quarts of peaches and 2 quarts of Strawberries this past weekend! I love to be able to have fruit in the winter months – yeah, right, like they are going to last that long! A girl can dream…or keep on freezing and canning!

Fresh Veggies are coming in fast and furiously! Be sure and check out your fresh options under the Veggie Section of the Market! You will find plentiful offerings from Fry Farm, Doug’s Garden, Back River Farm and Phoenix Gardens! I am in Veggie Heaven! I adore those little Rainbow carrots! The cabbage from last week is still fermenting, on its way to becoming yummy sauerkraut! I am still enamored with the Hakurei Turnips! Love them roasted or sliced thin and made into chips! I got LOTS of Beets last week! Some of the Beets went to make Beet kvass which is a tonic that cleanses the blood and helps detoxify the liver. As a fermented drink, it also aids in digestion. It is rich in B-complex vitamins such as niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and minerals such as iron, manganese, copper, potassium and magnesium. Mary’s beets got roasted and canned! White Beets, Purple (Red Beets) and Golden Beets – and Purple Beets with white rings in the center! Rainbow Carrots, beautiful greens – Wow! We are blessed with this bountiful harvest!

Have you tried Organic Spelt Bread, the Gluten Free Brownies (my personal favorite) or the Pumpkin Spelt Muffins from My Daily Bread? Dabrielle’s offerings are all organic and scrumptious! She will have items on the Farmers’ Sale Table, but her Baked goods sell quickly! Ensure that you get the item you want by placing your order today!

There are many nutrient-dense, fresh, local, pesticide/chemical/soy and GMO FREE foods and grass fed, pasture raised meats available to keep you and your family well fed and healthy! So, Take Me To The Market Before It Closes!

We appreciate your support of the Market, our dedicated, LOCAL Farmers/Growers and Artisans and the local economy!

We will see you Thursday at Gwinnett Gymnastics Center between 4:30pm and 7:30pm!

As always, Mary will have a couple of recipes featuring products she has purchased from the Market! In addition, we will have recipes from Chris and Margaret that they have generously shared!

Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings!

~Maryanne and Mary
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Take me to the Market.

Farm Where Life is Good:  CSA Produce Subscription Distribution-- Week 24

Your box for Week 24!

Farm Where Life is Good

Produce Subscription (Week 24)

We have decided winter is gone for the year! Yesterday put away the Carhart jacket/coveralls and today brought out the mosquito shirt/hood. Whew! The mosquitoes are hungry when they first hatch.

Very sorry about the lack of direction for some folks on pick up locations last week. I uploaded the newsletter/email before it was finished. The actual final version (on the website) did offer instruction but not much help; so sorry for the confusion. Hopefully this week is smoother for ya’ll. Dropsite Location Details

Welcome market shoppers! Enjoy your veggies and flowers this week.

More Green Power! The weather is good for the leafy greens, so in your boxes this week you’ll find the following:

Radish They are getting a little sassy as the temperatures warm!

Lettuce, red leaf Delicate leaves need a light dressing.

Lettuce, romaine Crisp and crunchy, bright green and beautiful.

Boc Choi (black summer) Yes, boc choi; you will come to love.

Braising greens triplets Check out the risotto recipe below— perfect!

Salad mix WLIG original

Spinach, loose leaf Keep it coming…

Chives Full flower now! Garlic chives are on the horizon, for a little twist.

Thyme The thyme needs a little time, but here is a little sprig for a nice creamy gravy.

And a sweet treat gift from the The Four Suns maple crew— Maple Sugar. Addictive flavor. I use a zester or grater to scratch out my daily serving over oatmeal or in tea/coffee or whatever needs a rich, bold, local sweetener.

The Four Suns
(Anderson, Hansen, Paulson, Rasmussen)
Now, don’t look too closely; yes, there is a cigar in Razz’ mouth, well in all four mouths. But I didn’t inhale; actually I didn’t even light it, and I spit and gagged afterwards for good measure. Yuck! Oh, and that is our new wood cooker; big flat pan goes on top, and we cook 24/7 until it is all done!

Recipes for your consideration

Your chives would go nicely in the following recipe. Sourdough starter is easy to keep and gives a nice variety to bread products made at home.

Or dry your chives for later use when local onions are here, and you have sourced and started your sourdough starter!

How To Dry Your Chives:
Chop into ¼" pieces.
Oven drying— Spread thinly on cookie sheet; set oven for as low as possible (~140F), prop door open slightly, dry for 1hr, turn off heat, open door to cool slightly, then close door overnight.
Dehydrator drying— Spread thinly on rack; set temperature for 95F and dry until brittle (approx 6-8hrs)
Store well dried chives in sealed jar (add one of those dehydrating packs that come in your vitamin bottles.)

Carmalized onion sourdough biscuits
1 Tbsp margarine
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1 cup AP flour
2 tsp baking powder
¾ tsp salt
½ cup cold margarine
3 Tbsp chives
1 cup sourdough starter, unfed

Combine margarine, onion, maple syrup in pan over low-medium heat. Cook covered 30min, stirring every 5min, until caramelized. Cool and refrigerate until well chilled.

Combine flour, baking powder and salt. Work margarine into flour until uneven crumbles. Toss in chopped chives and caramelized onions. Cut in sourdough starter until dough cohesive.

Turn dough onto lightly floured surface and fold on itself 5-6 times until it comes together. Pat into 1" thick disk. Cut w/ 2 ½" biscuit cutter; pat together scraps and keep cutting.

Melt 2 Tbsp margarine and paint top of biscuits for add’l golden color. (optional)

Bake biscuits on parchment/cookie sheet @ 425F for 15-18min until just turning golden.

A rib-sticking, hearty meal comes out of this risotto recipe. Greens, hiding in plain sight. If you want to make a main course of this recipe, consider doubling and adding a protein (Italian sausage, Tofurky-brand, diced is oh-so-nice!)

Greens risotto

1 tsp sea salt
1 cup cooked, drained greens (mustard, spinach, kale, chard, wild greens (nettles, dandelions, lamb’s quarter))
Note: This will be a considerably larger volume of fresh greens!
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 large shallot, minced (or chives, green onion, regular onion)
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup Arborio risotto rice
2 to 4 cups vegetable stock/broth, divided
½ cup dry white wine (optional)
2 to 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp margarine

1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and add a spoonful of salt.

2. Put the greens into the boiling water. Stir the greens and let boil for about 3-5

3. Remove the greens with a skimmer or tongs and immediately dump them into a big bowl of ice water. Once the greens are cool, drain them in a colander.

4. Roll up the greens in a cloth or tea towel. Twist one end of the cloth one way, then the other end of the cloth the other (like a candy wrapper) and squeeze out as much moisture as you can.

5. Chop the greens finely (don’t use a food processor, or you will get mush). The finer you chop, the smoother your risotto will be. Remove any stray stems.

6. Heat olive oil in a large saucier or heavy pot over medium-high heat; add the shallot. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring often.

7. Add the garlic and the rice and stir to combine. Stirring constantly, cook everything for a minute or so or until all the rice is well coated with margarine.

8. Stir 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 cup of the vegetable stock into the rice and increase heat to high. When the rice starts boiling strongly, turn down the heat to medium and stir often, at least every minute or so, until the rice absorbs the stock. Repeat with a second cup of stock.

9. When the second cup is absorbed, add the greens and the third cup of stock. If using store-bought broth, switch to water for this third cup—otherwise your risotto could become too salty. Stir well to combine. Keep stirring constantly to develop the creaminess in the risotto and to distribute the greens evenly. Let the stock absorb well. Add white wine and allow to absorb, stir well.

10. Add additional salt, if desired. The risotto may need another full cup of stock or water, as you want the dish to be loose, not firm (and you will need at least a little more stock to loosen the risotto for the nutritional yeast).

11. Add the final tablespoon of margarine as well as the nutritional yeast. Stir everything well and let the margarine and nutritional yeast melt in the risotto for about 2 or 3 minutes, stirring often. Serve immediately.
(From Organic Gardening website)

For Your Reading Pleasure

If you are wondering why you get red greens and (in the future) purple cauliflower and rainbow carrots and striped tomatoes and purple beans, the article below (tagged by my dad for me) is one of the reasons. The other is that they are just fun to grow / pick / cook / eat.

Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food

I have heard rumor from a friend about purple sweet corn (haven’t met it before), so maybe next year.

Farm News

The deer are settling into the nightly ritual of munching, getting chased, and then having a stern talking-to about staying away. They came down to the washing shed this evening while we were packing salad mix; Rog said they preferred their salad greens washed. I wish the fencing contractors would return our calls; why is it that when you want to hire a job, no one wants the work? So much for a recession! We have plans for an 8ft fence encircling the production fields; as you can glean, deer pressure it just too high. We have become known as the salad bowl of the valley! So if you are a spinach-phile, it is only a matter of time before they find the spinach. You had better get your sleeping bag, headlamp and a fog horn and get out here!

Not sure what is on the horizon for the next few weeks. The weather has put our best laid plans into shambles! Ce la farming, I suppose. Soil too wet for bed prep and direct seeding. Temperatures were too chilly for hot weather transplants. Broccoli is being odd, some bolting already (flowering) and some not even starting the head-stage. Kale is coming tho; don’t everyone jump thru the screen at once now. Everyone will get their share!

You didn’t meet The Machine last week (due to my web uploading error), so here he is in the onions last week. No one stops The Machine!

The Machine!

Everyone be careful now with the boxes! Open gently; return for pickup next week.

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the vegetables.

We hope to feed you soon!

Roger and Lara

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  The market is closed

The Spa City Co-op is now closed for ordering.

Set your reminders to pick up your order on Friday at the Art Church between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. Coming early is always appreciated.

See you Friday!
Denise Marion

Stone County, AR:  That's it for this week!

Hey, Everyone!

The online market is now closed for the week.

Be sure to come back next week…and, visit us in person at the Stone County Farmers Market site on Saturday!

See you at Market!

Champaign, OH:  A few more minutes...

As I was late to remind you to order today I will leave the market open until 8:30. Hurry if you still would like something! Thank you!