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McColloms Market:  Market is Open - CHECK OUT Dandelion Farm

Hi All:

The January Market is now open and we have an exciting new addition. Dandelion Farm (see description below) is doing a trial run this month and if it works out, we’ll be offering their lettuces every month. There are two choices available:
1) Bag of Dandelion Farm Lettuce Mix – A colorful and mild tasting lettuce mix consisting of red and green leaf lettuces and romaine.
2) Bag of Ovation Greens mix – A spicy and nutty lettuce mix consisting of kale, tatsoi, mizuna, arugula, and mustard.

Each bag is 1/2 pound. The price per bag is $7.

If you’d like to order any of the lettuces, please make a note on your order or email me directly.

Harmony Hills is still on hiatus this month but will be back in February.

The Market will close Monday night as usual but please remember that pick-up will be next Friday, the 17th from 4:30 to 6:30 at my house.

Thanks so much.


*About Dandelion Farm*
At Dandelion Farms we utilize a vertical hydroponic growing system. This growing system is built inside a repurposed 40-foot shipping container. Growing in a closed environment allows us to grow lettuces and hearty greens year-round with weekly harvests. The container’s closed environment keeps unwanted organisms out, greatly reducing the need to use any harmful herbicides or pesticides. The use of hydroponics allows the farm to use 90% less water than traditional farming methods. We use approximately 1 gallon a day. All packaging supplies are reusable or compostable. Our desire is to grow as efficiently as we can with little impact on the environment.

Heritage Farm :  Family Emergency


Greg’s Mother had a stroke and is in ICU. The prognosis is not good. We will have to suspend sales and delivery until such time as we can get her stabilized.

Your understanding is appreciated. We will update as soon as we can.


The Hutchins Family

Independence,VA:  Market is OPEN for Jan. 15th pickup!


Good evening,

Time to place your Online Market order! We had a great week back, let’s keep up the momentum! As shoppers and supporters of the Market, you all are helping our vendors live the life they want to live! Another added bonus is keeping your dollars in the local economy. How cool is that?

To Shop: Independence Farmers Market.

Our first workshop of the season is happening THIS Saturday! Learn to pack a 21/2 X 5 foot raised bed with a huge amount of vegetables! It’s easy to multiply by 5 so this works for larger gardens too. This is an interactive vegetable growing workshop for all skill levels. We’ll meet at the Grayson LandCare/IFM office at 104 Courthouse Street, Saturday January 11th from 9 am to noon. Cost is $15, pay at the door, and light refreshments will be served. Planting dates, spacing, interplanting and succession plantings will be addressed. Using information from the best national and local gardeners you’ll learn to apply these techniques to a single raised bed or a full-sized market garden. We’ll break into groups and design gardens for maximum production. We’ll also have our favorite tools, books and catalogs on display. Start planning for a successful garden now. The class is limited to 30 people. Please email Michelle Pridgen at to register.

Our Grow Vegetables II workshop will be happening on Feb. 8th. Sign up now!

Thank you for supporting the Independence Farmers Market!


Foothills Market:  Market Reminder

Sounds like we have some nasty weather coming in for the weekend. It may be a good time to stock up so you’ll all set for some healthy meals without having to leave home! Be sure to place your order on the market by 5:00 p.m. today for pickup tomorrow.

The Cumming Harvest:  Weblog Entry

Welcome back!
We hope everyone had an amazing holiday season!

As always any questions please reach out to the market manager.

Please remember the market opens Saturday at ten am and closes at noon sharp.

Remember, all proceeds go to support the feeding of hungry children through Meals by Grace.
Thank you, happy shopping!

Jaclyn Barnum, MSW, HSBCP

Miami County Locally Grown:  Hello to a New Market Year!!

Welcome to another exciting year with our local Virtual Market!

We hope everyone had a delicious and safe holiday season, and that you’re off to a contented, restful beginning to 2020!

It’s exciting to be back, especially with all our favorite products plus some great specials, including indispensable Chicken Broth 20% off!

We look forward to sharing our harvests and specialties with you, and hope to see you at pick-up soon :-)

Happy New Year!!

Champaign, OH:  The Swing Of Things

It’s Tuesday evening, and your market manager is getting back into the swing of things with the market!!

Tomorrow morning, the market closes at 6am, for the week!

Get those orders in as we begin a new year at the market!

Cosmic Pam

Statesboro Market2Go:  Order Before Midnight!

Remember to place your Market2Go order for this week before midnight tonight.

Doug’s Wild Caught Alaska Salmon is here – stock up while it lasts!

Click to order at Market2Go

Fresh Harvest, LLC:  Fresh Harvest - Cheese, Carrots, Beef, Chicken

Market News

There will be no Market next week.

The Market will remain open until Tuesday night for you to place an order for this week.

Here is some information on how Fresh Harvest works.
*Orders can be placed without receiving the Sunday email. I try to open the Market between 7 and 8pm on Sunday. Sometimes I run a little late. Just go to the website: to see if the Market is open.
*If you see an item as Sold Out, write in the Comment section at check out that you would like that item if more becomes available. We’ll try our best to add it to your order.
*PayPal payments have to be manually added to your account. There will be a delay to crediting your account due to me needing to take time to do the bookkeeping. I also have to go to each account with cash or check payments. These are sometimes delayed by procrastination or being busy. You can still place an order even though it may cause your account to be “overdrawn”. There is no penalty for going into the minus column. Sometimes I’m a little slow in getting to the bank to make deposits, but it eventually happens.
• If you recruit a new customer to Fresh Harvest and they open an account with a $50 deposit, we will credit your account $10 for each new customer who signs up. They will need to tell me your name, so that I can credit your account. Word of mouth has been our best advertising. Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated.
• Every week, we leave orders at the church for customers who cannot arrive at Trinity before 6pm. This has worked well for those who have difficulty with the 4-6pm window. Please let me know if you need me to leave your order at the church.
• The bag that you receive each week is to be brought back with your next order. We have been negligent in telling new customers how this works. Don’t feel bad if you return multiple bags, it happens all the time.
• We’re into reusing and recycling. Our clean egg cartons, honey jars, paper and plastic bags, berry containers are some of the items that we can reuse. If we can’t reuse the returned items, we’ll recycle them.
• We do guarantee everything that we sell. If you ever have a problem, please let us know and we will credit your account.
• If there are other products or growers that you think should be a part of Fresh Harvest, please let me know.

Thanks for your support, and I will see you on Wednesday!

If you need to text me, my number is 615-838-0428.



Duluth Cottage Kitchen:  week 01 2020

Duluth Cottage Kitchen Locally Grown

How to contact us:
On Facebook:

Market News

New year, old resolutions, fresh start!
Well, almost.
How many of you want to eat healthier in 2020 than you did in 2019?
How many of you want to go less global and more local in 2020?
How many of you want to spend more time outdoors, be more active in 2020?

CSA-style bag for the first week of the year,

left to right:

a brassica with a fat root, you can eat raw or cooked, there are many recipes online,
low carbers like slices of kohlrabi for sandwiches, but did you know, that you can use the leaves just like you would any other brassica aha member of the cabbage family?

does not need much explanation, right? this is a mix of dinosaur and rainbow kale
Swiss Chard
same here, you can eat as a salad, as a green, use for wraps, in pasta like spinach
at home we separated the stems and cooked them like asparagus
leafy Lettuce, baby Carrots
the tiny roots are just a bonus, have you ever tried fresh carrot greens? I use the tender tops raw in salads and the stems in stir fries

mature Arugula
as a spicy component in your salad or cooked, it will loose some of it’s zing when you cook it

a Watermelon Radish, purple Mustard Greens
much like arugula, a spicy green you can use raw or cooked

in the front chives, parsley and thyme and a Daikon Radish
did you know, that young radish greens are a nice, spicy addition to your salad? They are great in a braising mix, too, and radish is not only for salad, in many Asian dishes radish is cooked, I like it as a snack or side spiralized and air-fried until crisp


Please, share your recipes with me on the website, on the Recipes tab. We’d all love to know how you use your Duluth Cottage Kitchen produce and products, so we can try it too!

Italian lentil & kale soup

My version of this soup is more of a fairly smooth stew, not as liquid as you would expect for a soup, if you like it soupier just add more liquid.

a good handful small brown lentils
a dash of cayenne if you like spicy, use more
1 bay leaf
a couple of dashes of powdered garlic
a good pinch of dried summer savory
a handful chopped mild green peppers
1 onion, diced
1pt chicken stock
2 big handfuls of kale: curly, lacinato, rainbow, darkibor, whatever you have on hand, w/o stalks
a good blob of heavy cream or sour cream
simmer all but kale and cream until lentils are getting soft, but not mushy, fish out and discard the bay leaf,
while the lentils simmer, heat up a big pot of salted water, boil, drain, blitz in food processor, to the consistency you like
combined lentils and kale, added salt only if needed
add cream at the table

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!