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Russellville Community Market:  Opening Bell

Hey all!

Welcome to another market week and welcome back, hope everyone had a great holiday! We are about to go into the New Year and it has been a great year for the Market.

Happy New Years!

Start the New Year with great food and friends because the MARKET is OPEN!

You can now follow RCM on Facebook! Check out our new page for great info on local foods issues and upcoming events. RCM Facebook

Check out the “Featured Items” section as well as the “What’s New” section at the top of the market page for all the latest products available.

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. Remember, you have until 10:00pm Tuesday evening to place your orders.

Happy Shopping! See you on Thursday!

Russellville Community Market

Homegrown Co-op:  Only one order this week for Holiday! Order all week for Sat. pickup or delivery!

Contact Us

2310 N Orange Ave, Orlando
(407) 895-5559

Online Market Holiday Hours

Place your order today in our online market!

New Years Schedule:

Market Opens: Sunday Dec. 30th

Prepared Foods Deadline: Thursday Jan. 3rd @ 4 p.m.

Market closes: Friday January 4th @ 9 am

Order Pickup or Delivery: Sat. Jan. 5th from 12-7pm

Farm Store


Monday – Sunday
10 am – 7 pm

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Feature Producer: Pure Produce


Established in 1982…

Chuck Gomez, the owner and of Pure Produce has spent most of his working life in Florida, he was born and raised in New England. He worked in programs in oceanography in Maine accelerating in biology and chemistry subjects, having attended the University of Pennsylvania college.

Here he studied Oceanography. He transferred to the University of Miami, where he also worked at the Marine Institute in Key Biscayne. He met Mayta, his devoted wife and business partner when they began their life-long journey together creating a beautiful family and investing a 2.5 acre property for the future hydroponic farm.

They have supplied the military with produce until 2006. Now we supply Orlando and West Palm beach Hotels restaurants and Resorts and natural food markets.

Florida Items Online Now:

-Beefsteak Tomatoes

-Sweet Holland Peppers

-Cherry Tomatoes

-Celery Tall Utah

-Boston Bibb Lettuce


-Red Buttercrunch Lettuce

Order Now Here

Fall Fundraiser: 2 Days Left!

Only two days left! Give your gift today and receive over 100$ in coupons!

Donate Now

In our 3rd annual December fund drive, we seek YOUR donation of just $30!

We are recruiting 300 people to each donate $30 in the next 30 days to meet our fundraising goal, which will fund improvements to the Co-op that allow us to better serve our members and our farmers.

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Shop at the On-line Farmer’s Market.

Place your order before Friday at 9am for pick-up or delivery on Saturday.

Your order is FINAL once placed, and you are responsible for pick-up and payment.

Pickup is from 12-8pm on Saturday January 5th. Sorry, we cannot accommodate early pickups at this time.

Don’t forget, orders for the following items must be placed by 4:00pm Thursday to satisfy your order
Fresh bread orders from Olde Hearth Bread Company
Prepared foods from Venetian Gourmet and Purely Raw

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Stones River Market:  The Market is Back Open - the New Year Arrives This Week

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays last week and has a safe New Year’s Day this week.

The Market is back open and we have several new items added by our producers. Farmer Brown is starting a “Salad of the Week.” This week he has Harvest Fruit salad. Rocky Glade Farm has fresh brussels sprouts, a winter favorite, this week. Wedge Oak Farm has added chicken necks, perfect for gravy.

Flying S Farm is taking the week off but will return next week.

There are also plenty of other products from our other farmers and producers. Be sure to browse the categories and see what they have listed.

Thank you for your orders last week.


See the complete list of products at

McMinnville Locally Grown:  2013 is on the horizon!

Well, it’s been a busy year and now it’s time to start 2013! We hope you had a great Christmas with loved ones and wish you the best for the year to come.

We still have a few more holiday meals and parties, but as we try to recover from all the “good” stuff, remember J.B. has some beautiful lettuce and micro greens (and it’s good for you!).

Thanks for your support. Click here for McMinnville Locally Grown Market Section

Green Fork Farmers Market:  Weekly Product List

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market Customers,

Time to order some good, fresh food to eat now that everything is calming down after the holidays. Just click on the link below to shop and click the cart next to each item you would like to order. Easy squeezie! Pick up on Wednesday from 4-7 pm in the Breezeway at Nightbird Books, and you’ll be all set. You can shop from the farmers tables at the market as well. We are happy to get back to the market this week and look forward to receiving your order and seeing you there on Wednesday!

Green Fork Farmers Market

Republican Valley Produce:  RVP-Happy New Year

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have been busy with many projects over the break, I forgot to open the market.

The biggest project I finished was our new carrot washer.

It will greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to wash carrots and other root vegetables.

About our crops, with the extreme cold we have been having as of late, I am not sure how everything has pulled through. I am sure things are ok, but I haven’t pulled off the row covers to make sure. I will know more after today.

Finally, remember pick up this week will be at the Saturday Farmers Market in Manhattan at Pottorf Hall from 8 til 12. Clay Center Produce deliveries will stay on Tuesday.



Superior Seasons:  Best of the New Year

Good Day

Holiday Reminder! There are NO Wednesday options this cycle, instead extended ordering is open CLICK HERE, until Friday at 9am for Saturday options. We can arrange for a special delivery this Wednesday but please email us directly to confirm.

Great Gifts
Superior Seasons is loaded with great options for the locavore/foodie or hard to buy for! From books to preserves, flour, vinegars, veggies and meats. You can’t go wrong.

Good Growing

Click to Read the Superior Seasons Weekly!

Tullahoma Locally Grown:  Open for Orders!

Local Real Food

It’s time to order local food from Tullahoma Locally Grown.

To Contact Us

Tullahoma Locally Grown
Risa Brown


Market News

The market is back open this week. I trust that everyone had a super Christmas like I did. We almost had a white one, it just came a little late. There’s something so exciting and beautiful about large snowflakes blowing around. Although if we had several feet of snow every winter, it might not be so exciting, lol.

This past Christmas Eve I made a beef stew with Double Tree’s stew meat and I put some of Solace Farm’s white sweet potatoes in it. They were soooo good! I highly recommend using them in your stews and soups. And btw, you don’t have to cook Double Tree’s meats to death to get them to be tender. I’m very impressed with how tender and flavorful the roasts and stew meat are. We usually cut up the roasts in bite size pieces and then pan fry them in garlic and butter. They only cook for just a few minutes and are tender and delicious. The stew meat was wonderful as well. Thank you Double Tree!

Petalland has a bouquet of Eucalyptus available this week. Eucalyptus is pretty and it also has a lovely fragrance that isn’t overpowering. It’s perfect for any room.

Frontier Family Farm will be adding some eggs to the mkt this week, so keep checking back for those. I’ll send out a notice when he gets them on. They also have beautiful lettuce and yummy spinach (which also goes good in stew).

And you must have Gracie’s Garlic Cheddar Biscuits to go with your stew- there’s nothing better!

So now that I’m hungry, I’m going to mosey off to the kitchen to see what I can find. Have a great week and I’ll see you Thursday!


Thank you for eating locally!!

Follow the link to get started: Link to Tullahoma Locally Grown Market Section

Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Melody Lane Co-op:  GRAND OPENING of the Melody Lane Co-op Market!

Thank you for being one of the first people to sign up on the new system! I really appreciate your support.

I am excited to announce:

The Melody Lane Co-op Market is officially OPEN!

Go to The Market to place your order any time between
now and Tuesday evening for pickup on Thursday.

You now have the option to pay with a credit card! Just enter your credit card information during checkout. Your card will not be charged until Thursday evening when I “close out” the market for the week. If you prefer to pay with cash or check you can still do that on Thursdays when you come to pick up.

Pick up at my home on Thursday. Drop by any time between 3:00pm and 7:00pm.

If that does not work for you, just let me know and I will be happy to schedule a better day/time for you to come. If you have not been to my house before please call or email me to get the address.

In the Market this week:

Carlton Farm

We will start slow this week with just the basics from Carlton Farm as we all learn this new system. Please do NOT place your order on the Carlton Farm website as we have done in the past. I have tried to list as many of his items as I could on our new market webpage. If there is something else he offers that you would like me to pick up for you, please send me an email and I will add it to the market. You may notice that the prices are a little higher than if you buy directly from Chad Carlton. Unfortunately, we do not get a group discount from Carlton Farm as we do from most other places we order from. Now with website fees and credit card processing fees to pay, I am forced to add on a small convenience fee to Carlton Farm items. For just about everything else we order, though, you will find that we get a better price buying as a group than you can get on your own.

Coming Soon:

Green Pasture

I will start collecting orders next week for Green Pasture products. If you just can’t wait. Green Pasture is having a great sale right now on their Fermented Cod Liver Oil. It’s even better than our co-op pricing if you order 2 or more bottles and have it shipped directly to your door. Now is a great time to stock up.

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about ordering. I’m sure this new process will take some time to get used to.

Have a great week!

Sandra Walker
Melody Lane Co-op Coordinator

South Cumberland Food Hub:  Back in Business!

To Contact Us

South Cumberland Food Hub
13912 Highway 41B
Tracy City, TN 37387
Risa Brown


Market News

We are back in business and open for our regular hours beginning with Monday morning.
I hope everyone had as great a Christmas as I did. It’s always good to have a little time off from regular routines and be able to be with family while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We almost had a white Christmas this year. It came a day late for us here in the South, but the large flakes were really pretty nonetheless.

I saw this article and thought it was very interesting. Click on the link to read about how the government is finally getting on the ball with fresh real food for kids. Actually, it might be better to copy and paste the link since I’m notorious for “dead” links.

SNAP should double down on fresh produce
“While the news is often filled with stories of decline in the U.S. — home prices, influence in the world, etc. — one area where the nation perennially seems to be a leader is our expanding waistlines.”

Even though we’re entering into Winter, we still have some great stuff available on the hub. Several growers have lots of nutritious greens, and there’s turnips, radishes and some yummy winter squashes while supplies last.

The Dutchmaid Bakery has some delicious breads this week. They also do rolls, even though they’re not listed on the website. Just let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for supporting your local food hub!


Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!