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South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Extra Strawberries

Day Lily Nursery will have extra quarts of strawberries available for sale at pick up today from 4:30 – 5:45 at the community center. These strawberries are sweet and wonderful – a real holiday treat! Come on by!

Local Farms First:  Market Opening on Thursday

Greetings local food lovers!

Get ready!

The market will open on Thursday at 5 PM. This is your last chance (and perfect timing!) to order ingredients for your Christmas Dinner, Holiday Party or New Years Soiree (Rum & Cider, anyone?)

Just as a reminder, our winter schedule after this delivery will be:
-January 16th
-February 20th
-March 13th

Thanks for supporting local family farms!

Maya Silver – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website:

ALFN Local Food Club:  Market Closes Tomorrow

Hello All,
Market closes tomorrow. Better get your order in! Still plenty of good stuff including…
Broccoli Florets and Broccoli Leaves from Kellogg. I hear tell from Eddie of Kellogg himself that he thinks broccoli leaves are taster than the actual heads.
Ripe Tomatoes from North Pulaski. Organic and ripe red. A BUNCH of them. Tomato sauce anyone?
Mizuna from Crimmins. Have you tried Mizuna? Hands down my new favorite salad green.
Sam Hedges

McColloms Market:  December FFFN Order is Closed - Reminder re Pick Up

Hi all:

I just officially closed the December order. Just a reminder that pick up will be tomorrow, Wed., Dec. 12th at 103 Helen St. in Saranac Lake from 5 pm to 6:45 pm.

If you’re having any issues, please let me know at 518-418-9236.

Thanks so much.


Northeast Georgia Locally Grown:  Locally Grown - Special Update - Christmas Party BEER TASTING / POTLUCK

Hey Local Food Lovers,

I wanted to send you a very special 2nd message this week that I failed to mention this last time.

As many of you know the Soque River Watershed Association in Clarkesville is the non-profit sponsor for the Locally Grown market. It’s one of our programs to support sustainable land-based businesses.

Each year for the past 3 years we’ve had an end of year Christmas Party at my house to say thanks to everyone who has in any way been involved in our organization or programs. If you’ve been eating Local Food, or even just reading our message here occasionally then you are one of those people.

ALL OF YOU ARE INVITED to the SRWA Christmas Party and BEER TASTING POTLUCK this Friday December 14th. Sounds fun doesn’t it. To participate just bring a craft beer (defined as a beer made by a brewer that is small, independent, and makes yummy beer) at least one large 24 oz bottle, or two 12oz bottles and a potluck dish (veggies, meats, snacks or sweets). We’ll do blind taste tests of beers to see which one’s you like and help you navigate the wonderful world of craft beer. Anyone who gets this post is invited (and feel free to invite good beer-loving friends). Of course we highly encourage you to consider joining the SRWA (online at or at the party). Encouraged but not required. It’s a great way to support your local river loving group, and have some good beers, food, and laughs.

Party is at Justin and Ching-Yu (and Cheetos and Whiskey’s) house at 237 Wilson Street, Clarkeville, GA. That’s right across from Grace Calvary Church. In fact you’ll want to park in their parking lot. Starts at 6pm.

ps- If you’re wondering how to get your hands on good craft beer, here’s a few suggestions. Betty’s in Helen, Hillside Beverage in Gainseville, Beverage Superstore in Suwanee, 5 points bottle shop in Athens. Very limited selections are of course at Ingles but try and surprise us.

Hope many of you can make it. This will be the first opportunity we’ve had to hang out with lots of you outside of the market so please come on… may get to meet one or many of your FARMERS! And have a beer with them!

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Justin in Habersham

Cedar Grove Farm:  New Additions! AND Stock up this week!

Hey Folks!
We’ve got some late additions that you might be interested in — Broccoli! and, the Ovation Mix of braising greens! Feel free to add these to your orders.

And, please stock up this week! We’ve decided to take the next two weeks off in honor of the Winter Solstice and Christmas. So get your Christmas dinner goodies today! Our next round of ordering will be January 3. By then, the carrots, beets, lettuce, kale, chard, and other goodies will be nicely filled out and eagerly awaiting your dinner plates.

Happy Wintering!
Farmer Sara

Plattsburgh Online Ordering:  Winter Farmers Market orders

We will have spinach and salad mix this week – sunny weather. The salad mix is in short supply until February, when it should really take off. That cold snap in October slowed it up.

I appreciated Laurie’s article in the Press Republican today about gift ideas from local farms. We have a wide variety of really high quality products at the market.

And the big news – the market vendors want to continue once a month through the winter. We are looking for a location (any suggestions?).

Also, we will be continuing the ordering with pickup at Rehoboth Homestead twice a month through the winter.

Have a great, sunny week.

South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Link 41 will have sausages for sale next week.

If you are like me, you may be wondering when you can next stock up on Link 41 sausages and bacon? They will only be coming up once a month in the coming months so I wanted to give you an advance warning. They will have products for sale to order next weekend. Consider your holiday list now so that you’ll be ready to order for next week.

Also remember, next week will be the last week of the market until January 8th. Make sure you plan accordingly!

Tampa Bay :  Order your box online before 11pm TONIGHT!

Birdhouse Buying Club of Tampa Bay

Providing Tampa Bay citizens a democratically-managed source of local, healthy, fresh food

Seasonal Box

2 Slicer Tomatoes
1 Bunch Beets
1 Portabella
1/2 # White Button Mushrooms
1 # Japanese Eggplant
2 Bell Peppers

Contact Us

Our Website
On Facebook
Wednesday Pick-Ups"
Look for signs and cars parked in the back!

Market News

Hi Foodies!

Be sure to order your box online by tonight 11pm!

Order here today!

Pick ups will STILL be Wednesday night between 5&7pm (volunteer run) and Thursday 2-6pm (call ahead case by case basis – make arrangements!)

We have proteins available and ONLY if you order online, when you come to pick up, you’ll be able to add to your order from the store!

Every Tuesday night, homeless and those in need congregate at the Good Samaritan off of Florida Ave and folks from the Tampa Underground facilitate a dinner for those folks.

If you are interested in helping, email

We’ll be there this Tuesday at 5:30pm – email if you want to join!

We can’t thank those who have been behind the scenes making all this stuff happen – so to those who know who they are, THANK YOU for your help from farm to fork to the website and more.

Without volunteers, non of this awesome local & regional food would be possible.

If you’d like to get involved, please send an email to, or simply show up to the co-op near Ella’s and lets have a chat!

Some cool events & happenings are in the pipeline.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Coming Events

Good Samaritan
Feed the Needy

Tuesday 12/11 5:30 start – till ?
3302 North Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603
(813) 224-9722

Monday 12/17 @ 7pm – 9pm (tentative)
Co-op Steering Committee Meeting
5108 N. Nebraska ave 33603

Farmers Market (Tentative Jan 2013)

Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring you the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious locally-produced foods possible.

Citrus County Locally Grown:  New Growers!

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone!

CCLG is proud to announce 3 new growers have joined our ranks! Welcome aboard SaraFay Farm, Rise and Shine Bread, and Soap Nuts. Some wonderful new products up on the market this week with these new growers as well as from our older member growers. Also in today’s news, 3 Rock Farm has returned with new listings as well!

It’s been a busy week around here with new growers, new products, adding new categories for you to choose from and a bit of reorganizing. But it’s all worth it to continue offering you the best in local and chemical free products that we can!

With the holidays coming fast this is the perfect time to peruse the new product listings and maybe pick up something new and different (not to mention healthy, wholesome, and handmade) for those special people in your life!

Have a fantastic week and we look forward to seeing you all on Thursday for pickup!

The CCLG Team