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Green Fork Farmers Market:  Weekly Product List

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market customers,

We will have a market this Wednesday before Thanksgiving so you can get your naturally grown holiday meal ingredients fresh from your local farmers! We have so many great items to make your meals special. Surprise everyone with a large chicken instead of a turkey, and a green salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (grown in hoop houses locally!), microgreens, red onions, and gourmet olives atop lettuce, mesclun mix, spinach, or arugula. For other lovely side dishes, consider brussels sprouts, turnips, mustard greens, collards, baby bok choi, kale, turnip greens, swiss chard, and savory hot pepper scones. We have fresh sage to flavor your chicken, turkey, dressing, and many other dishes. We know you will need chicken or duck eggs for baking, sausage to go in your dressing, and pork neckbones, fatback, or bacon to cook with your greens. For dessert, you must try our new sweet squash tartes and hazelnut macaroons, or our coconut almond torte or fruit popsicles. Honey makes a wonderful gift for your dinner hosts, friends, and family, and we have it in all shapes and sizes—samplers, honey bears, half pints, pints, quarts and half gallons. We also have handmade soap, sugar scrub, lip balm, skin toner, and for sale at the market only—greeting cards, notepads, gift card holders, gift tags, and holiday planners.

You can preorder as usual until Monday at midnight and pick up in the Breezeway at Nightbird Books on Wednesday from 4-7 pm. A few of our farmers will also be at the market and have things available for sale from the table:

Green Fork Farm: Chicken, beef, pork, eggs, fresh sage, microgreens, and handmade greeting cards and gifts.

NWA Natural Produce: Tomatoes, green tomatoes, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, collards, red bunching onions, and cilantro.

Crosses Creek Farm: Honey, honey with comb, and beeswax.

Figgieville: Gourmet olives and—New items!— hazelnut macaroons and sweet squash tartes.

We look forward to providing you with the best local, naturally grown and handmade products available. We’ll see you on Wednesday!

Green Fork Farmers Market

South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Time to order a local Thanksgiving feast!

It’s time to order from the Cumberland Farmers’ Market
click here to go directly to the market page

To Contact Us

Cumberland Farmer’s Market


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This is my favorite way to prepare sweet potatoes because it is so easy!

Sweet Potatoes
Olive Oil
Kosher Salt

Preheat oven to 350.

Wash whole sweet potatoes and place them in a roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt. Cover the roasting pan and place in the oven.

Check on them in 45 minutes.

Cut into pieces to serve.

Market News

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you enjoy the amazing local bounty!

Fountain Springs Farm has fresh turkeys for sale. They will be delivered fresh on Tuesday.

Please note that if you have ordered a turkey deposit you do not need to also order a turkey. Eric or Suzanne from Fountain Springs Farm will be in touch with you directly to find out which size turkey you would like. These turkeys will also be delivered fresh on Tuesday.

I have not had time to check out the market list yet so I’ll encourage you to browse the whole list.

Click here to browse the whole list.

I’m passing along the following information on behalf of the Sewanee Community Center. We sure appreciate the support that they provide for us. Please consider supporting them with your membership.

The Board of Directors of the Sewanee Community Center is having a membership drive for 2013 and invites you to join the Center. Completion of the membership form below will put you on the roll. Cards are also available at the Community Center.

Membership is open to all residents of Sewanee and the surrounding area. Members are entitled to organize events at the Center and may run for the Board of Directors and elect future Board members..This drive will continue through November. In December, an election for open seats will occur.

The Sewanee Community Center provides a meeting space for community groups and clubs, hosts the Tuesday’s Farmers’s Market, provides space for yoga, gymnastic, dance and other classes and is available for private parties.

Looking forward to having you join!

Here is the link to the on-line form

For more information on using the Center, contact Rachel Petropoulos – Manager at

2012 Board of Directors

Kevin Pulliam – President
Lisa Rung – Treasurer
Helen Stapleton – Secretrary
Howard Franklin
Bob Hoagland
Chris Lancaster
April Minkler
Pat Pulliam
Sarah Marhevsky

Coming Events


The market will operate as usual on the week of Thanksgiving with pick happening on Tuesday the 20th.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Market is open - email coming soon

The market is open for ordering at A newsy Thanksgiving email will be coming soon (I’m running late).

Fresh Turkeys are available this week – more info to come in the email.

Tullahoma Locally Grown:  Local Turkeys!

Hey Everyone,
We have local turkeys and chx for your Thanksgiving dinner this week.

You MUST order by SUNDAY EVENING to get one, and our pick up will be on Tuesday eve from 6pm to 6:30.

If you have any questions, just contact me.

Thank you and a very HAPPY Thanksgiving to you all!

Risa. 615-653-3347

The Wednesday Market:  Sweet Potatoes with Blue Cheese

Talk about DIFFERENT! Who would have paired these two? But, if you like blue cheese you are going to love this recipe. None of the gooey sweet and marshmallow-ey we normally think of in a sweet potato casserole but this is a ROCKET of flavor! And so we start the Holidays! Enjoy!


Judge Sid Esary’s Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese casserole

1 Tbsp unsalted butter
4 garlic cloves
6 sweet potatoes peeled and thinly sliced in the food processor
1 tsp. salt
½ t white pepper
2 c. heavy cream
3 ounces blue cheese

Preheat oven 350.

Butter a 13X9 baking dish . Rub with the garlic cloves leaving the pulpy remanents in the dish. Layer the sliced sweet potatoes, seasoning each layer with some salt and white pepper. Pour cream overall and press down to remove air. Cover with foil and bake 45 mins. Take foil off and raise oven temp to 400 and bake an additional 20 mins till golden brown and potatoes have absorbed cream. Remove from oven sprinkle with blue cheese and serve.
Blast Off!

Statesboro Market2Go:  Happy Thanksgiving--the market is closed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget the market is closed this week, but you still have time to shop at the last Saturday market of the season today, or at the Lantern Light market Tuesday evening (6-8).

Market2Go will re-open next Friday, Nov. 23.

Rivervalley.locallygrown:  Friday Evening

Here it is Friday evening, before the great Thanksgiving celebration, where we all generally eat to much and make ourselves miserable for a few hours following. Is it not great that we live in a portion of this world where we can do just that.

The market will operate on Friday but there are a few changes for the week.
Stutzman’s Pantry will make their deliveries on Wednesday instead of Friday as usual. To be able to get their products this week they must be ordered by Monday night.
Also, Honeysuckle lane cheese is available on the market again. A supply of their cheese is maintained in the Bluebird Hill Berry Farm Cooler and is available for delivery.

Tampa Bay :  Last Day for Pasture Raised Turkey! RSVP ASAP 5pm TODAY!

Hey Everyone,

This is the LAST DAY to order your pasture raised turkey.

Place your orders with the Birdhouse via email by 5PM TODAY for 24 Rivers Farm in Plant City.

We have sold 5, but 5 more came available @ $7 per lb:

Small 9-12lb
Med 12-18lb

8 – 10lbs feeds 2-4

10 -12lbs feeds 4-8
12 -16lbs feeds 8-10
16 -20lbs feeds 10-14

Twenty Four Rivers Farm is all pasture raised (organic is impossible with any poultry), harvested on site and licensed.

We also have hams from My Mothers Garden in Wimauma.

2 @ 9lbs – 8$ per lb

and other naturally raised pork products (chops, belly, etc)

Pick up is Monday afternoon till 6pm. You’ll want a to bring a cooler.

Does the word ‘Organic’ on something, mean that everything in the product is actually organically grown? – NO !

“In the US for example, products with only 95% organic ingredients can use the word “organic”, and can display the official USDA organic seal. However a third category exists that contains only a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. Food can be labelled “made with organic ingredients”, which can mislead many consumers. There are also a wide range of elements and regulations that apply to the definition of ‘Organic’ throughout the world."

Link to this blog here

The Co-op egg supply has solely been from eggs for the past year or so and this is a great opportunity to support them further!

Click HERE to check out their site.

We need to know ASAP!

Market Manager

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  WOW! November Flies By....

Greetings All!
How in the world did it get to be Thanksgiving already? It certainly has snuck up on me! I am glad I remembered to order my fresh Turkey from Mother Earth Meats! Delivery is tomorrow, Saturday, November 17! The time frame has yet to be determined, but I look for him sometime in the mid-afternoon. For those of you who did order – know that as soon as I have final totals for your orders and arrival time I will be sending an email – expect communication this evening!

This past week, we added a new vendor, Miss Kathleen at Kate’s Pastries. She brought some samples last week and boy were they YUMMY! Kathleen bakes Gluten Free! Wow, her Chocolate Chip cookies blew me away! Chocolate Chip cookies are my absolute favorite cookie and one of the things that I miss most in my Gluten Free Diet. The several attempts which I made with cookies – Dudley wouldn’t eat – and he eats ANYTHING! (Dudley is my 6 year old Black Lab mix) Miss Kathleen’s Chocolate Chip cookies are now my FAVORITE thing! I was also lucky enough to try her Banana Nut Muffins as well as her Sweet Potato Muffins and her Pumpkin Muffins! If she had not told me they were gluten free, I would not have known! Pick up some Pumpkin Muffins to serve with coffee or tea on Thanksgiving morning – or the day after!

The garden at Rancho Alegre Farm is sprouting all kinds of things! Take a walk back and see what RaShauld has created! He has assured me that we will start enjoying the harvest in about 3 weeks time! He is also working with Pilar to make Compost and Worms available for our gardeners!

Whether you spend Thanksgiving with friends or family or take the day just for reflection, I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Gratitude is an attitude – one that changes us for the better the more we practice it! I thank you all for your ongoing support of me and of the Market. Please know that you are in my everyday prayers of gratitude as you will be on Thanksgiving. God Bless.

Joyful thoughts,


Swainsboro, GA:  Pickup Location

Hi Everyone,

Pickup is today from 4-5pm. Pickup will be at Crossroads Cafe today and for the remainder of the winter season.