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DeForest, WI:  Availability for week of October 21

The market is open! Please note that a few items are marked at “0” not because they are “Sold Out” but because 1. ) they are items that need to be weighed at pick up (like squash) or 2.) they may still be too small for harvest (like lettuce). Please note in your comment section that you are interested in that item.

We still have tomatoes and peppers in the hoop house. New this week are leeks and Purple or Golden Turnips. No doubt there will be extra items available at the market on Friday that you can add to your order, so stop in and have a look.

Please note that beginning this week, pick up time will be shortened to 3:30-5:30pm. Please arrange an alternate pick up if you can not make this window: Choose 1.) 5:30-8pm Friday or 2.) Sat 8am-noon. Again, please notify us if you need an alternate pick up during these final weeks. Send a note to or include it in the comments section during ordering.

Champaign, OH:  Falling for fall...

Roasting marshmallows and playing at the MAIZE in Milford Center makes me appreciate our seasons in Central Ohio. Another week is here so search the market and order up! We love our customers and our LocallyGrown Family!

Monroe Farm Market:  Oct. 25 Delivery

Hello Friends of the Market,

The online market is now open.

It’s not too late to buy pumpkins. We have an assortment of pumpkins to choose from.

Enjoy your week.


Cedar Grove Farm:  Cedar Grove Farm CSA Availability for October 24

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This nice mild autumn weather is making for a good growing season with several summer crops still coming in along with the cold tolerant crops getting a good start. We still have okra, peppers, eggplant and squash. A nice savoy leaf cabbage and the fat Watermelon radish are new this week and arugula and broccoli are back. The turnips and watermelon are not available although the turnips will return.

FYI, we have planted a big plot of garlic for next year – twice as much as this year’s crop – and there are 2000 strawberry plants on the porch ready to go in the ground this week. The onion slips and shallot bulbs will be started soon. Next spring is going to be big. We hope everyone will come back and tell your friends about us, too.

The market is open. Good eating.

Regards, Farmer Jay

Dothan, Alabama:  All treats, no tricks at the market!

Pre- order for your shopping convenience…
Pick up Friday, 9 am – 12 pm at Dothan Nurseries.

Keep it fresh, local & lively!
Susan & Amanda

Swainsboro, GA:  MARKET IS OPEN

My bad guys. The market is open until Wednesday/Thursday. Order,order,order. And, tell all of your friends. Let’s make this a success.

Madison GA:  Madison Locally Grown Product List 10/24

The market is open. See you on Wednesday for pick-up between 4 and 6 p.m.

Stay tuned for information regarding new Market Manager beginning November 7 and new pick-up location.

Patty Lay
Market Manager
(541) 914-5183

Swainsboro, GA:  Market closes tomorrow morning

Hi Everyone!!! Hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying this wonderful fall weather. The market is now open. PLease place your order and we will see you Friday!!!

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  if you have trouble placing an order

There have been several members having trouble placing orders. This seems related to browsers, some notebooks, ipads and smart phones. If you have trouble and are using Internet Explorer, notebook, ipad or smart phone, please try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox or another computer. We hope to have this resolved so all functions can be used on all browsers and devices.

Local Farms First:  Last day to order local! Applesauce!

Greetings local food lovers!

Applesauce is a great solution to preserving the last of the season’s apples!

Still some apples left on the market

Simply quarter them up and simmer in liquid (like a gallon of Delicious Orchard’s cider , cinnamon & spices and lemon juice.

When the apples are soft, mash them up or process in a food processor for a smoother finish.

Thanks for supporting local family farms!

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