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Green Fork Farmers Market:  Weekly Product List

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market Customers,

It’s time to place your order for this Wednesday’s market. New this week are Baby Bok Choi and Spinach from Beyond Organics Farm, as well as hot and spicy Sevillano Olives from Figgieville. These olives are so good, brined in a delicious blend of hot peppers, garlic, and ginger.

Check out the order list below for additional greens, turnips, sweet potatoes, honey, baked goods, herbal soap and beauty products, popsicles, eggs, beef, chicken, and pork. You can follow the link to the website and click the cart next to each item you wish to order. When your cart is full, go to the checkout, scroll down to the bottom, and click on place your order. It’s quick and easy, and your products will be waiting for you when you arrive at the market on Wednesday between 4 and 7 pm.

If you don’t get a chance to place an order by Monday at midnight, stop by the market on Wednesday to browse and purchase directly from the farmers’ tables. We look forward to seeing you there!

Green Fork Farmers Market

Stones River Market:  Time to Order Local Food

Welcome back to another week at the Market. Here are some announcements for this week.

Farmer Grey has returned with some of his dried herbs and a new product – Jerusalem artichokes. The artichokes can be eaten fresh on a salad. I just posted a soup recipe for them as well.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse is running another special this week. From Linda – "Buy 2, Get 1 free on all Perennials, Ferns, & Herb Plants from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse. Most are out of bloom now, but are strong, healthy plants, which will develop good root systems before cold weather. They are eager to burst into bloom in your garden next spring. Order your 2 plants as usual on the market, and in the comments section indicate your first & second choices of an additional free plant. Please be specific if there are 2 or more varieties listed (astilbe, carnation, etc.). "

Rocky Glade Farm is taking this week off but should return shortly.

Thank you for your orders last week.


See the complete list of products at

South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Time to order local food!

It’s time to order from the Cumberland Farmers’ Market
click here to go directly to the market page

To Contact Us

Cumberland Farmer’s Market


Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

From Martha Stewart. Click here for direct link


6 bone-in pork chops (loin or shoulder), cut 3/4 inch thick
Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil or vegetable oil
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 large white onion, sliced
2 to 3 apples, cored and sliced (about 3 cups)
1 cup beer, white wine, cider, or chicken broth

Trim the chops of excess fat. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper on both sides. Heat a 14-inch cast-iron skillet (if you have a smaller one, you’ll need to work in batches) over high heat, and then swirl in the olive oil. Lay in the pork chops and don’t move them for a few minutes, to assure a good golden sear forms. Turn and brown well on the second side for a total of about 10 minutes. Transfer the chops to a warm plate.
Swirl the butter into the pan. Add the onion and apples. Saute until the onion slices are lightly caramelized and the apples have begun to soften, about 8 minutes. Stir in the beer or other liquid. Return chops to the pan.
Cook until the pork is tender, about 15 more minutes (depending on the size of the chops), turning halfway through and covering the chops with the apple mixture. If the apple mixture needs a little thickening, transfer the chops to the warm plate again and simmer the mixture on high for a few minutes to reduce. Serve the chops over rice or mashed potatoes with a large spoonful of the apple-onion mixture over the top.

Market News

It’s pumpkin time. There are a number available. We are also seeing fall root vegetables and Arkansas Black Apples. All of these are good foods for storing over the winter. In a good root cellar Arkansas Black Apples can be kept until spring.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse sends the following message: Buy 2, Get 1 free on all Perennials, Ferns, & Herb Plants from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse. Most are out of bloom now, but are strong, healthy plants, which will develop good root systems before cold weather. They are eager to burst into bloom in your garden next spring. Order your 2 plants as usual on the market, and in the comments section indicate your first & second choices of an additional free plant. Please be specific if there are 2 or more varieties listed (astilbe, carnation, etc.). Thank you for your orders!

There have been a few new growers that have joined the market in the last two weeks. I’d like to send a belated welcome to Blue Heron Farm at Saint Andrew’s Sewanee School, and Sterling Candy Company and Triple B Farm/Brooks Girls Cookie Creations out of Manchester. Please check out the grower pages to learn more.

Lost Cove Farm has lamb!

Click here to browse the whole list.

Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  The Market is now open for odering

The Spa City Co-op market is now up and open for ordering at Please place your orders before Tuesday night at 9 pm, and plan to pick up on Friday the 26th from 3:30 – 5:30 at the Art Church.

This week’s market manager is Julie Alexander, 501-655-9411, should you have any questions or problems with ordering this week.

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  Software Glitches!

Below is the email that was sent early this morning to open the Market. Eric had made some major software changes Thursday night and there were a few glitches, so you got the “test” email later in the day, but not the original Weblog! Also, for those of you who have already ordered – another glitch prevented confirmation emails from being sent. I will email each of you individually with a confirmation. Also, FYI – I promised that Farmer Brown would have more veggies up this week – they are ready and will be listed first thing tomorrow morning! Please check again in the morning to see what he has added! Thanks! And I apologize for the double Market email but I wanted to share the news below! Have a great weekend!

Greetings All:

This week absolutely flew by – but I accomplished a good number of things and hope you all had a productive week also.

A couple of Updates:
Freshly Made Breads has decided to leave the Market. Irma and Jerry served us faithfully for these last 3 years and we wish them well.

Mary Drisdell, the owner of Patchwork Pastures will now supply you with grains, flours and legumes. Her baked goods not only look amazing but truly are melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Try any variety of her delectable Scones or my personal favorite Pecan Cinnamon Rolls – I get them for my niece because I am gluten free, but the aroma is unbelievable and Cody RAVES about the taste – and I am jealous! I can vouch for her tasty Granola and the awesome Granola Bars! Last week, for those of you who missed it, she had samples of her delicious Pumpkin Bread. If you have something special you would like for Mary to bake, please put it in the Comment Section of your order and I will be sure that she gets the info. I’m not committing her to make it, but I am sure that she will contact you to let you whether or not it is possible.

Farmer Brown assured me last week that he will have more veggies available this week and next week, the beets should be ready! Thanks, Ricky! We are all looking forward to more veggies! Anyone for making some Beet Kvass? I promise to feature it for tasting the week after beets are available.

On the Veggie subject – because our Market is small and growing, it is difficult to attract another vendor for the veggies that Ricky (Farmer Brown) will not be providing. I have been negotiating with Tony at the Veggie Patch. My first request to join the Market was turned down due to the time commitment of bagging and tagging and the small size of the Market. I went back to Tony today and convinced him that we could make it work with some changes since he has another customer he delivers to in this vicinity on Tuesday morning. He is taking the proposition back to the owner of the Farm and I will know next week. If we do get a 4 week trial with them and it doesn’t work we are fortunate THAT -

Rancho Alegre has a new Farmer! Welcome to RaShauld Mincey! RaShauld comes to us as a graduate of the Urban Farming Program offered by Truly Living Well. His first task is to completely re-vamp the garden area – I have heard rumors that it is going to be fabulous! I know that he has all kinds of seeds and seedlings for some tasty winter veggies and greens! The most fabulous part is he is going to offer his produce to us at Gwinnett Locally Grown! So in a short amount of time, you will be able to order your veggies on line and then take a stroll to the garden to see where your food was grown! I will be sneaking a peek to see what’s happening before Market pickup on Tuesday and will keep everyone up to date! Make those veggies grow RaShauld!

There is still time to let me know you would like to order Salmon from The Wild Salmon Company. We are still below our minimum required – so I am hoping you will pass this along to friends and family so that we can take advantage of this great deal. Please call me at 404-432-4337 for more info! This is a once a year opportunity – so don’t miss it! It is $12 per pound. It comes packaged in 10 or 20 pound boxes. Inside you will find, cryo-packed packages contained 2 filets each, with a weight of between 12 and 16 oz per package – A perfect serving size for 2 people! I am doing my best to match people who want just a few pounds to come to a 20lb total. I am working with Heidi at the company and will let you know when we can log into the website to actually order.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience as I do my best to serve you by growing the Market and providing you with Nutrient Dense Food choices and resources to feed you and your families! I appreciate you all! And thank you to Rancho Alegre Farm who is our Farm Partner and our sponsor!

The Market is OPEN, so scoot on down and put in your order. It will be waiting for you to pickup on Tuesday! Hmmm, I wonder what Mary will be showcasing and offering samples of this week?

Joyful thoughts,


Statesboro Market2Go:  The Market is Open!

The Market is Open!
We have lots of delicious choices this week!
Happy Shopping!

The Cumming Harvest - Closed:  WE NEED YOUR HELP

This is a market survey created by the market manager to collect information about how our growers and overall market is doing.

Your information is critical to the improvement and growth of The Cumming Harvest. There are currently over 900 active customers signed up online, please take about 5 minutes this weekend to complete this valuable tool.

Your information will be collected and reported to the growers. No personal information is ever collected.

Market Survey

If you’ve already completed the survey, please disregard this message. Thank you for your time.

Contact if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Suzanne Geddes
Market Manager

Vista Marketplace:  VistaMarketplace on-line Market

Eat your root veggies and leafy greens! Don’t forget to place your basket orders before Monday @ 6:00 for pickup on Wednesday.


Sending this separately from the “Open Market” email because there’s some important info here. Specifically:

Big hugs to Leslie Carson of Luna Bug Soaps. She will fill-in as Market Administrator from Oct 21-Nov 1 while I’m out of town. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact Leslie at 706-627-5627. Or email her at

Join us this Saturday, Oct 20, for a farm tour at East Georgia Produce in Bartow, GA. This “eco-ganic” farm features a wide variety of organically-grown veggies; I believe a few pigs are also on the scene. Arrive at 2pm; the tour starts at 2:30pm and will finish around 4pm. It is a free, family-friendly event. Fresh vegetables will be available for sale, and a big pot of veggie chili will be shared by all. RSVP to for the address and directions.

Congratulations to Taz, a middle school student from Augusta. Taz is one of eight volunteers from Good Neighbor Ministries mentor program of Harrisburg who helped pull out hundreds of tomato stakes at Brandywine Farm in Appling this week. A picture of him working with farmer Mike is now posted at Taz will receive a limited-edition A-GUSTAVORE tshirt for his winning photo & story.

Augusta Locally Grown was invited to address the annual meeting of the Richmond County School Nutrition Program this week. The topics focused on whole, seasonal foods. We think this is good news for our schools’ futures!

You may have run into some glitches today at the opening of Augusta Locally Grown. Sorry if so. Our web guru in Athens has been working out the kinks, and for this we are grateful.


Local Farms First:  From Baguette to Bruschetta

Greetings local food lovers!

Bruschetta is the original Italian antipasto! And luckily, Luna Bakery makes a mean baguette.

Simply slice the baguette, drizzle with olive oil, spread with minced garlic and toast in the oven.

Then scatter juicy, diced tomatoes and fresh, chopped herbs.

And serve, capisce?

Thanks for supporting local family farms!

Maya Silver – a 501c3 non-profit
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