Create a Market

Your Market's Information

  1. Name Your Market

    Your market needs a name. I called mine "Athens, GA". Give yours a similar short name in the blank below.

  2. Describe Your Market's Locale

    In a sentence or two, describe the area served by your market. This will appear in our market directory to help new customers find you. Mine is "Serving the Athens, Georgia and the surrounding communities".

  3. What's Your Market's ZIP or Postal Code?

    We'll be sorting our market directory by ZIP or Postal Code to give it some semblance of order. Your market will certainly cover more than one code, but just enter one. I entered "30605", which is one ZIP code for Athens, GA.

  4. Will You Allow "Conventional" Growers?

    Some markets do not allow growers who use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to sell through the market. If you want to allow those conventional growers to sell through this market, check the box.

  5. Create a Address

    Your market comes with its very own website address. For example, my market, located in Athens, GA, has an address of, so I typed "athens" in the blank below. NOTE: You'll later be able to change everything you've entered here except this one thing, so type carefully!

There are other things we'll need to know about your market, and a few things we've gone ahead and filled in for you, but there will be time enough to change all that later. For now, this is all we need to get your market off the ground. Next, we'll let you create an administrative account — a market manager — for your new market.