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Lathemtown Farm Fresh Market:  This Week at the Market

Good morning!
I will be flying out of town Friday to take my youngest to a camp in DC for the week. He’s too young to navigate airports himself – especially Atlanta’s! I miss the old days where you could walk people to the gate….

So I will not have prepared orders this week, but will have the stand stoked before I go. I will put out a few heads of lettuce, swiss chard, and plenty of cucumbers and squash.

Next week I will have lots of great new recipes for you like Zoodles, pickles, salads and an amazing cold cucumber soup!
Have a great week!

Famher Chef Amy


Online orders are easy and STILL OPEN!
You can order until 6 am Wednesday morning. No minimum order required.

Order at:

Blueberries are available online-but going fast, so order soon. Basil and beefalo are back, and so is cabbage and bok choy.

Still have: kale, celery, chard, collards, head lettuce, mixed salads, napa cabbage, and sugar snaps! You can also find mushrooms, radishes, onions and turnips.

Fresh herbs: dill, garlic, parsley and sage

Local fresh eggs are plentiful: small and large chicken eggs plus also duck eggs. Easy summer suppers, deviled eggs, and more.

Garden plants still available—vegie starts, herbs, and more. A variety of local meats (great for the grill), cheese, baked goods, chocolates, sweet treats, crafts, personal care items. Don’t heat up the house—try some amazing pastries and cookies for your summer desserts.

4:30pm to 6:30 pm on THURSDAY at Fayetteville Public Library Outdoor Parking Lot

NEED DELIVERY? DEADLINE TO REQUEST IS THURSDAY 9 AM. Instructions are in your order confirmation.

The OUTDOOR parking area at the south end of the new part of the Fayetteville Public Library. Approach on School Street and turn west into the outdoor parking lot.

Put your name on a piece of paper in the passenger side window and follow the signs to the pickup point in the lot.

Someone will meet your car, and direct you to a parking spot to wait a few moments while we bring out your order.

Thank you for your continued support of the online market!

Berea Gardens:  Tom McColley is coming!

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that Tom McColley will be at the market on Wednesday with some spectacular lettuce and fresh, new potatoes. Good stuff!


Stones River Market:  REMINDER -- Market is OPEN until 10pm

There is still time to get your order in today, Market will close at 10pm tonight.

Welcome to the June 13th and 14th Stones River Locally Grown Online Farmers Market.

  • Father’s Day is next Sunday, be sure to get your special order in for Dad, ranging for art pictures, flowers, sweet treats, produce and Meat products. The market is full of great items for any occasion.*

The Market opens 8:00 am on Sunday Morning and closes 10:00 pm Monday evening. Order early before quantities available run out!

We look forward seeing you on the Porch or Curb Wednesday June 16th from … 5-6:30pm … with deliveries following. Please comment to Manager when you checkout that you would like curb service and approximate time of arrival so we can have your order ready and watch for you.

  • Reminder…Delivery Service is available within a 10 mile radius of Murfreesboro, outside areas will be considered and delivery is available to Woodbury at a host location. If this is the first time you’ve requested delivery please put your address in comments before you check out….Method of Payment is Cash, Checks or Credit/Debit Cards or we can email an Invoice including a $1.00 service fee. For Delivering and Invoicing please make sure your account information is current.
    Thank you for supporting our Locally Grown Market, it means a lot to our Growers and Community by Shopping Local and Staying Local!

News from a few of Our Growers:

Quinn’s Mercantile: we will have a table set up during Market Delivery time this week, please check out some of our Father’s Day Gift ideas as well as other items we have in our store. We are proud to be a sponsor for the Stones River Locally Grown Market on our front porch and look forward meeting some of their customers this week.

Belle Fleur Farm: *We are diligently working at increasing our volume. We have summer squash on the way, including an heirloom French variety. Our Indigo Rose and Clementine Cherry Tomato varieties are loving the soil, shoulder height, and will be fruiting very soon. We are eager to post more items on the market and are planting more to be able to do so. We are grateful for our loyal Locally Grown customers.

Mama D’s Bakery: Hi everyone! We have everything available this week! We have NEW this week, Oatmeal Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Strawberry Swirl Bread, Raspberry Swirl Bread, and Apple Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Blueberry Muffins, Crusty French Bread, Organic White Wheat Bread, Mocha Muffins, Chocolate Swiss Roll, Cinnamon Rolls, Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls, Blueberry Lemon Yeast Rolls, Banana Bread and Pumpkin Bread(with the option of nuts or not), Bagels(plain, cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, and everything), Donuts(cake and yeast), Cream Cheese Danishes, Pies(chocolate fudge, pecan, chocolate chip pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato), Cookies, Granola and Protein Bars, Yeast Breads, Sourdough Breads, and Fruit Scones. Thanks so much to everybody for your business!

Rainbow Hill Farm: We still have assortment of Live Herb Plants this week. Great for your flower beds or garden. They are in 4 inch biodegradable pots, Organically Grown, ready to drop in a hole prevents disturbing roots.

RnR Farm: This week Baby leaf Chard and Rainbow Swiss Chard, Baby Kale Blend, Butterhead Lettuce, Romaine Trio, Red Leaf, Lettuce Blend also Romanesco Zucchini which has a richer flavor than the regular green. We also have the Regular Green Zucchini great steamed, fried, roasted.

Quarter Spring Farm: We have updated our selection of available soaps, including two new floral scents. We are also pleased to introduce our all-natural lotion bars to the Stone’s River market. We have several scents available, including a bug repellant variety. If your family loves chicken, now is the time to get them some of the tastiest birds around from your friends at Quarter Spring

Flying S Farms: White Cauliflowers this week, heat and heavy rain took a tool on the Purple and Orange ones this past week. Large Head Cabbage, Carrots, assorted onions choices and stalks of Green Garlic, Tender Garlic Scapes, Bundled and Loose Leaf Siberian Kale and our delicious Chicken Eggs are available every week. Our apology for not having any of our Baked or Jam items, they will return after we get through the health issues Catherine is having.

Thank you for supporting your Locally Grown Market, it means a lot to our Growers and Community by Shopping Local and Staying Local!
We look forward seeing you “On the Porch or At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday June 16th from 5:00 – 6:30 pm, please contact me if you are unable to make delivery or are running late, please phone, email or text me so we can make arrangements to get your order to you. After trying to reach you and if we don’t hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount since we still need to pay our Growers for their products. Remember we do have Delivery if you think you will be later than 6:30 pm.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesdays: 301 North Spring Street, Murfreesboro

Statesboro Market2Go:  Order Before 10pm Tuesday!

Lot of produce coming in now – squash, zucchini, peaches, plums, blueberries, and much more! Butter beans are coming in this week and are available in pint, quart, and bushel sizes! What can you do with these wonderful beans? They make a great:

Be sure to check out our recipe section for even more culinary inspiration!


With the reopening of the in-person market on June 19th, we just want to remind everyone the Market2Go will still be open!

Click to order at Market2Go

Siloam Springs, AR:  Online Market is Open!

Father’s Day is Sunday so when you’re shopping online or at the market this weekend be sure to get something for Dad! Our farmers offer a great selection of meats for grilling or pick up some bacon, eggs, and baked goods and prepare breakfast for him. There are some great art prints or men’s aprons that would also make great gifts.

Thank you for supporting our local farmers and vendors. Stay cool this week and see you Saturday!

Independence,VA:  Market closes TONIGHT at 8 pm!

Good morning!

Be sure to place your order by tonight at 8 pm! Your order will be ready for a scheduled curbside pickup this Wednesday afternoon between 4-6 pm.

Remember, a wide variety of organic Southern Exposure seeds are now available to order on the Online Market! Save on shipping and help support the Market!

Thanks again and happy shopping!
To Shop: Independence Farmers Market.

Schedule Your Pickup Time: Calendly.
After you click “Confirm” on your time, be sure to enter your information and click, “Schedule an Event”. You will get a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are not scheduled and need to try again.

Thank you all so much for supporting the Market!


Champaign, OH:  Swingin'

Gonna hitchhike to the yellow moon…
(Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Happy Monday, market customers!

I’ve been a bit MIA, this past weekend, as I have been doing so much behind the scenes work, leading up to dinner on the farm with Hippie and the Farmer, in conjunction with the Roadfish Bicycle group/Pan Ohio/and The American Cancer Society.

Lots of expansion projects, updates, painting, staining, organization, etc…

Anyway, as you know, this is why all of my products, as well as Hippie and the Farmer products are on vacation mode, but you still have so very much to choose from!! So, don’t forget to order all that we have to offer!!

Last night, once I got home, cleaned up, and got dinner prep underway, I took a glass of wine down to one of my hammock swing chairs, for perfect viewing of the sunset, and then the most amazing crescent moon.

I love ending my days in one of the swings. And, as I swing, I remember growing up, in the West End, of my hometown, and riding my bike to my grandparents. Long time customers know my love of where I grew up, and of my grandparents who many times acted as my parents, and lived up the street, and around the corner.

My grandfather had built the most amazing swing, and little shelter area for my grandmother. Even as young as 5 years old, I knew I could jump on my bike, and find my grandmother enjoying her swing, each evening of the summer. I would show up, and get in the swing, with her, and we would either talk about my day, her day, or about nothing at all. We would plan shopping days, or we would talk about any upsets I may have had…we would eventually drift into her kitchen to break open store bought iced oatmeal cookies, and RC Colas in her icy frozen metal tumblers. She would call my mother to tell her I was at her house, and many times, I would just stay the night in their guest room.

Even into college, when I would be home on breaks, we continued our swinging rituals. Less frequently because I was working summer jobs, going out, and busy with life. But, every chance I got, I would go visit her.

My grandfather always just let us have our time. Personally, I feel it gave him an excuse to work on late night projects in his work shop without any interruptions.

Anyway…I thought about her, a lot, last night, as I was swinging, and about how without her knowing, she taught me how to wash off the day/ignore outside noise/solve problems, all with a spell of time in a swing.

It also reminded me of this market, and it’s constant, easy, flow…the friendships, the life stories that unfold with each customer visit, the music you all share with me, and just the general support and love that you give this market. It’s like a gentle evening, on a relaxing swing…

Thank you, for always being a part of this little market community. We realize that there are now 1,000 choices of food delivery services, and online food ordering services, but we appreciate that you still keep this little market in your hearts.

Here’s to Monday…remember that the market closes for ordering, tomorrow morning, at 8am…

And, hey…go find a swing…it’s good for your soul…also, dig into this Tom Petty tune…it’s one of my favorites…

Cosmic Pam

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown:  Market is OPEN for ordering!

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown market

will be open for your orders till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, if you would prefer home delivery of your order, please just ask. No charge during this time.

Please also remember that our market is much safer than any grocery store.
All our products are direct from grower/producer to consumer, with no middle men handling.

Please share this information with your friends and help them to understand how safe our open-air markets are.

The Market is open this morning for ordering, just as usual.

Please feel free to search through the market listings for the items you would like to purchase. Don’t miss our ongoing specials:

  • Bone-in pork chops from Weaver Farms – package of 2 for $4.50
  • Ground beef from Triple T Cattle Farms – approx 1 lb package for $5.00
  • Tomato plants from Dogwood Valley Greenhouse – 3 for $7 (just a few left!)

Have a great week, and see you on Thursday at your preferred pickup location:
216 East Fort St, Manchester, OR
1802 N Jackson St, Ste 800, Tullahoma TN

~ Linda

Only the best fresh flavorful farm products for your family! No more week-old produce trucked cross-country. All the fresh local farm products listed come from your grower and maker neighbors in Middle Tennessee. The freshest produce is picked the day you receive it!

Your year-round weekly market is open for ordering from Sunday morning at 8 am till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Receiving options:
THURSDAY afternoon pickup (4:15 – 4:45 p.m.) at the market pavilion on Fort Street, Manchester.
THURSDAY afternoon pickup (5:30 – 6:00 p.m.) outside “Nature’s Elite”, Tullahoma. Open air market during this time.
Delivery on THURSDAY evening will be free during this time, or at other hours by arrangement.

See the “About” page for details.

Please help us grow:
spread the word about our market.
share this newsletter with someone.
make my day and ask to hand out some fliers.
And if you are hungry for something special, just let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Fresh today from
Local farmers

Athens Locally Grown:  ALG Market Open for June17

Athens Locally Grown

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Twitter: @athlocallygrown
On Facebook:
On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

This week we finally see some of the first summer berries listed. Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are all starting to ripen, and in the coming weeks we should start seeing a flood of all of them. Despite the late start, it ought to be a good year for berries, since we didn’t get any late freezes, the spring was relatively long and cool, and we’ve had plenty of rain. It might be a great season to stock up on blueberries when they’re in their peak and freeze them for later. In the fall, when the cranberries from up north arrive, just mix equal parts of those and frozen blueberries right in a dish and cover with a streusel topping (even a box “apple crisp” topping mix is fine) and throw that in the oven. So easy, and the mix of sweet blueberries and tart cranberries is perfect. Can’t wait! Oh — I just remembered I put some bags of cranberries in the freezer last fall, so I guess I don’t have to wait after all. Hooray!

It’s hard to believe that this week marks one year exactly of having our Thursday pickups at our Tallassee Road location. I know so many of you relied on our market to get you through the first couple months of the pandemic, and I can’t overstate how hard it was to keep things going, first at Ben’s Bikes and then at the YMCA. It seemed like every week brought new challenges, and then when the governor suddenly re-opened the gyms in May, it really seemed like we’d hit the end of the road. I’m so grateful for ALG customers reaching out about the place on Tallassee, where the Double Helix School was moving out to their new home on Prince. It had everything we needed to keep going, and now that things are starting to feel like their really getting back to normal, it’s nice to still have a place where we can keep up the best of everything we’ve learned over the years. I still don’t know how long we’ll be there (we’re technically leasing out some of the space month-to-month) but it’s been such a blessing for us this past year.

Thank you so much for your support of Athens Locally Grown, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. You all are part of what makes Athens such a great area in which to live. We’ll see you at our market’s home on Tallassee Road!

We are still getting new customers every week (and we love seeing new masked faces!) so for all of you you can find a detailed run-down of how Thursdays go on our website here:

Other Area Farmers Markets

If ALG doesn’t have everything you need, please support our growers at the other markets that are now back up and running, or at their own locations. The Comerian takes online orders for Saturday pickup at the bakery here: The Athens Farmers Market is holding their Saturday market once again in Bishop Park. They’re still operating under pandemic rules, so you’ll want to read up on all the changes on their website, The West Broad Farmers Market is back, holding a drive through market just like us (and using my software too, so it’ll be nice and familiar). You can join them at The Saturday market in Comer has also returned. They’re small, but sometimes an early Saturday drive to Comer is just what the soul needs. And of course Collective Harvest is going strong over at

All of these other markets are separate from ALG (including the Athens Farmers Market) but many growers sell at multiple markets. Please support your local farmers and food producers, where ever you’re able to do so!

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!