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Kale Salad

From Carolina Foothills, SC

<p>I love this salad , especially in the colder months. I use more root veggies.</p>
Source: My own concoction ! (Entered by Marantha Blackwell)
Serves: Feeds one person ( if that's all you eat) or many at a potluck.

Large Handfuls Freshly picked Kale
Medium Sized Onion
One Large Sweet red pepper (or yellow , orange)
One Medium Diakon Radish ( or thin cut turnips)
One Small Beet ( grated)
Several Medium Tomatoes ( diced)
One Small Meyers Lemon
A few Splashes Cold pressed Olive Oil
One Splash Apple cider vinegar
Several Splashes Ibraggs liquid aminos

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Cut Kale into ribbons using scissors Place in bowl.
  2. Squeeze lemon onto Kale and lightly massage i
  3. Add in rest of vegetables after chopping and/ or grating.
  4. Add in olive oil , braggs, and cider vinegar. Mix it all together
  5. Add tomatoes last
  6. Add seasonings as you desire. Also, grated Ginger is really good and warming in this salad along with a pinch of cayenne. I add lots of chopped garlic too! Enjoy!