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Black-Eyed Peas with Bacon

From Duette, FL

<p>A real Southern favorite traditionally served on New Years Day to bring luck to the family.</p>
Source: Betty Fasig (modified from (Entered by Betty Fasig)
Serves: 8

1 pound fresh black-eyed peas, rinsed
1/ lbs bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 tbs butter
1 large onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 tsp dried thyme
salt to taste
additional cooked and crumbled bacon, optional

Step by Step Instructions
  1. In a skillet, heat butter over medium-high heat. Add onion; cook and stir until tender. Add garlic; cook 1 minute longer. Stir in thyme and salt.
  2. Place peas and bacon in a large Dutch Oven; add water to cover. Add onions, garlic and thyme to the pea mixture.
  3. Cook uncovered over medium-high heat for 30 minutes or until peas are tender, stirring occasionally. If desired, top with additional crumbled bacon.