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Roasted Potatoes

From Conyers Locally Grown

<p>filled with warmth and love. we make these potatoes often. We use different types of herbs, garlics, onions and even different potatoes to make the dish different</p>
Source: off the Farm (Entered by Brady Bala)
Serves: the whole house

2 lbs fresh dug potatoes
3 or 4 cloves fresh garlic
1 cup chopped onions
1/4 cup olive oil or 1/2 stick butter
2 or 3 sprigs fresh herbs, oregani, parsley, thyme, and many others

Step by Step Instructions
  1. wash and chop potatoes, mince garlic, chop onions and fresh herbs
  2. in a bowl add all ingredients with oil and mix well add some salt and pepper to taste
  3. We like to make a foil bowl with a foil lid to bake or roast them on the grill. In the winter time we cook inside.
  4. Cook for about 1 hour