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Chuck Roast Recipe

From Rose Creek Farms Coop

<p>Use Slow Cooker or Oven. Great Easy meal that serves 4 with leftovers</p>
Source: Waymire Family recipe (Entered by Kathy Waymire)
Serves: 4

2-3 lb Chuck Roasti
2 Oinionsl
Salt and Pepper to taste
1-1 1/2 Water or Beef Broth
1 tsp each basil, oregano, thyme rosemary & Garlic

Step by Step Instructions
  1. 1. Marinate in herbs for at least 10 minutes 2. Brown Roast in butter or other oil, on all sides in a skillet on medium high to lock in juices 3.Place Roast along with sliced onions and 1 or 1.5 cups of water or beef broth in a crock pot or roasting pan. cover tightly. Cook for 5-7 hour in crock pot or 3-4 hours in oven at 300 degrees
  2. Enjoy!