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Zucchini-basil Soup

From Shoestring Acres

<p>New -haven&#8217;t tried yet but looks interesting</p>
Source: Hobby Farm Magazine
Servings: 6 servings
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Zucchinni Corn Chowder

From Princeton Farm Fresh

<p>This is our families all time favorite summer soup. We use fresh corn, zucchini and tomatoes when in season.</p>
Source: Taste Of Home
Servings: 10
Ingredient keywords: zuchinni, onion, parsley, butter
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Zuchini Pizza

From Champaign, OH

<p>Was really tired of dried out crush with my Pizza, was foraging through the garden when there was my answer. This has been a family tradition for over 30 years now.<br /> Was in college, of coarse as most know!!!!!!! Beside studing there is always a crowd of hunger friends.</p>
Source: Lonny LeFever
Servings: 6
Ingredient keywords: Pizza, 4, 4
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Zuppa Toscana

From The Cumming Harvest - Closed

<p>From my favorite website,</p>
Servings: 6 servings
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