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Big Canoe Harvest:  Big Canoe Harvest - Now Open

Big Canoe Harvest

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Market News

We hope you all had an enjoyable and meaningful Memorial Day weekend! As we round the curve into late spring and June, new products will begin to enter the market. One of the most enjoyable things about local food is experiencing the seasonality – enjoy everything that is ripe and delicious now, because what is available will change from week to week.

If you haven’t tried mushrooms from Loud Mouth Farms last week, put some in your basket this week! Their Farm Mix is a good place to start, giving you an assortment of what they have available. These mushrooms are a MILE away from the sad ‘shrooms at the grocery store – Loud Mouth Farms’ mushrooms are picked right before delivery, fresh, tender, and scrumptious.

Connie’s Cornucopia has a wide variety of delicious greens and herbs, including some varieties you might not have tried before. Their Mizuna, a peppery Asian green, is a delightful addition to any salad, and if you’re looking for fresh, pungent herbs, their products are the way to go. During packing last week, the dill perfumed our entire workspace and made us wish we had some Tom’s Seafood salmon to go with it!

Tumble Tree Farm has several new products this week, including sugar snap peas, English shelling peas, and Japanese salad turnips. These specialty turnips are small and tender, the size of radishes, with all of the crunch and none of the spicy heat of a radish. They are perfect for eating raw in a salad or lightly roasting in the oven. Think you don’t like turnips? Give these a try.

Twisted Pastry is on vacation this week and next, but they will be back on the week of June 8th.

Folks have been asking about other vendors, and we’re working on bringing in eggs, honey, and yeasted breads. We’ve been chasing down leads, but honey folks are just gearing up for the year, and all of the egg vendors we’ve found are expanding their flocks to meet increased demand, but aren’t there yet in terms of production. If you know a local farmer who has these products in large numbers, put them in touch with us!

As always, if you enjoy being a member of Big Canoe Harvest, tell your friends! The more the market grows, the more additional vendors and products we’ll be able to include. As always, your feedback help shapes the market — let us know what you think about the Big Canoe Harvest products.
Have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you Saturday!

Whitney and Eddy
Big Canoe Harvest

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Miami County Locally Grown:  Welcome Hidden Springs Farm!! And Congrats to...

Tonight we welcome Hidden Springs Farm of Troy on the Market, with their pasture raised, organically fed Chicken Eggs!!

And Congratulations to our next Refer A Friend winner…

Nancy Johnson!!

New to the Market? Here’s how it works – when someone drops your name at Market pickup as the person who told them about our Virtual Farmer’s Market, your name is entered in our monthly drawing for a $10 Market gift certificate!! No expiration date, and good on any purchase!!

Good luck, keep those referrals coming, and enjoy our taste of Summer while it lasts :-)

Duluth Cottage Kitchen:  week 22/2020

how do you like the looks of these mustard greens? 


old fashioned mustard, mizuna, ruby streaks, Frizzy Lizzy, purple giant, golden frills …
but all baby and all crisp
to beef up your salad mix or stir fry

or do you prefer arugula?


           still going strong: young celery, fennel bulbs, kohlrabi, head lettuce

if you have not yet tried my beloved weed lambs quarters,
you do not know what you are missing out on!
imagine a ‘spinach’ packed with nutrients and minerals, that can bear summer heat,
hence will be available until first frost
and does lack the metallic after taste of ‘real’ spinach


we will attend Suwanee Farmers Market again next Saturday  May 30st, 8-12

so there will be no veggie pick up on Saturday

looking forward to seeing you here or in Suwanee

your humble veggie gardener

Champaign, OH:  Perfect As A Peonie

This week’s bouquet theme, is “peonies be poppin” and will feature locally grown peonies, Orlaya white lace, fern, & allium!

From the girls of Flouris!

Cosmic Pam

Fayetteville Farmers' Market:  Online Orders Open Today

There’s a nice variety of seasonal produce and farm fresh products available online NOW!

Order for Saturday pick-up between 8:30 am and 1:00 pm or schedule Delivery for Saturday through Seeds that Feed. Be sure to note in comment field when ordering if you request use of SNAP and/or Delivery. We are happy to accommodate and we appreciate your support to the Market.

Please remember you MUST pay ONLINE with your Credit or Debit Card unless you coordinate payment for SNAP. Unfortunately at this time we can NOT accept Senior Vouchers for Online Orders but are working for permission to implement a new process. More details to come.

Place your Order before Thursday at 9:00 pm.

We look forward to seeing you at Market.

Statesboro Market2Go:  Order Before Midnight!

Remember to place your Market2Go order before midnight tonight for your choice of pickup on Thursday or Friday or home delivery.

We are well stocked with meat, milk, and veggies and have a wide selection of items in almost every grocery category.

  • vegetables, fruits; and nuts
  • meats and seafood;
  • eggs and dairy;
  • breads, cakes and pies
  • milled products and grains
  • mushrooms and foraged food
  • honey, jams, sauces and spreads
  • ready-to-eat dinners and casseroles
  • flowers and plants
  • soaps, lotions and candles

Thank you for your support of the market and of our dedicated local farmers and producers.

Click to order at Market2Go

Locally Grown Market CCF:  The Market is open after a week off

We are back on the farm and things are growing great. New items this week are carrots, broccoli, and shell peas. Quantities are limited so order early.

Champaign, OH:  Tuesday Love!

Just throwing out ALL the love vibes on this Tuesday morning!!

Hoping that you all had a lovely long weekend, and that you enjoyed the sunshine, and times spent however you spent them.

Your market manager set up her own little hippie campout, in her backyard, since my yearly music festival had been cancelled.

Today finds me all rested, sparkly, and ready to dance into the week!

Remember…we are a bit of a day off, and the market will close, tonight, at 8pm, for ordering!

Cosmic Pam

Old99Farm Market:  Week of May 24th 2020

Hello folks! Here we are in the last week of May heading into June with summer temperatures already upon us. The heat is really helping everything along nicely including egg production.
I have a good supply of fresh new crop stir fry greens available, I had some the other day and they’re bursting with flavour. We still have lots of rhubarb available, along with mint, chard, arugula, health kick salad greens, baby beet greens and more.
Asparagus is available this week!

Don’t forget to order your eggs when you place you place your order.
Eggs are reduced in price to $7/Jumbo, $6/XL and $5/LG That’s a heck of a deal for organic eggs my friends. If you buy 5 dozen you’ll get one free, that’s another 20% off!
Also, we have noticed eggs sales dropping off; don’t worry about white eggs being mixed with brown, there is no difference, they taste the same and we weigh every egg and every full carton to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

Pork will be available again next week: full selection of cuts raised here organically. Including sausage, ground, chops and roast. Smoked cuts will be couple weeks later.

Beef: lots of choice: burger and steaks for the bbq, roasts and soup bones for broth.

Please remember to place your order BEFORE midnight on Wednesdays. Orders placed after that time will not be processed.
Pick up times are Thursday and Friday 3 PM to 6PM.
We appreciate your cooperation and loyalty to the farm and look forward to serving you.

Be well,
Nick and Angela
Ian and Cami

Caldwell County Farmers Market:  Week #4 Caldwell County ONLINE Farmers Market


Thank you for becoming online market customers! Our numbers continue to grow, and it humbles our growers to see the love you have for the farmers market and for their products!

Here are some reminders for our veteran members as well as the new online members who have recently joined.

Market members will receive an email each Tuesday morning letting them know when market opens. Market will close Thursday evening. Customers have between Tuesday and Thursday to shop the items that our growers have made available for order.

If anyone has questions about a product, they can email the grower or email the market.

Pick-up for the online market will work similar to a drive thru. On Saturday mornings from 9-11am, customers will pick up their online orders at the market location at Planter’s Park at City Hall. There will be a table set up, so all you need to do is pull up and someone will hand your order through your car window. It’s as simple as that!

You will ENTER on E Main Street between Newsom’s and City Hall and EXIT on E Market Street in front of Franklin Street Apartments.

We appreciate your patience as we work to make the traffic flow smooth and easy.

SATURDAY, MAY 23rd was our first Saturday market at Planter’s Park at City Hall for the 2020 season. What a day! Thank you to everyone who came by to say hello and see what items the vendors had available.

We will return to our regular market days of Thursdays from 4-6 and Saturdays from 8-12 starting this week.
When visiting the on-site market, please follow these safety guidelines.

1. It’s strongly recommended that patrons wear a mask while in the market area.
2. Stay 6 ft apart from other patrons.
3. Please limit interactions with other customers and vendors.
4. Please use the hand washing and sanitizer station at the market.
5. You touch it, you buy it. Please let the vendors handle items for purchase.

These guidelines have been set in accordance with the KY Department of Agriculture.

Whether you place an online order or stop by to see what is available at the market, we appreciate your continued support! Thank you for being a valued customer!