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StPete.LocallyGrown.Net:  Market NOW Open - Nov. 26, 2012

Please make all checks payable to “STPETE LOCALLY GROWN”. Thank you!

Message from Market Manager

We will begin holding potluck socials on the 4th Saturday of each month, starting January 26, 2013. These events will be held exclusively for actively participating Market customers, growers, and volunteers and are meant to create a social atmosphere in which to network, share resources and experiences. Each event will include a brief informational lecture on subjects relevant to our group, including community building, growing and preparing food, health practices, to name a few. Presenters for the January potluck are Clark & Peggy Tibbits on “Intentional Community Living: 30 Years Experience”. More details will follow and RSVPs will be requested via Evite.

Just a friendly reminder that we cannot always issue a refund when a customer does not read a product description before purchasing. Our Growers invest time to put this info together so you can get better use from what you buy. Remember you can always contact the Market Manager prior to purchasing if you don’t have sufficient info. Call Tina at 727-515-9469. We are also open to your email suggestions for improvement.

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST CUSTOMERS! Once you have submitted your order, if in doubt about what you owe, you can always confirm what you have been charged for by checking your account history and viewing your most current invoice. Instructions on how to do that are on our Q&A page under the question entitled Since you don’t provide an invoice with delivery, how do I know what I owe? . Also, since your vegetables are picked fresh within 24 hours of delivery, they should be lasting for WEEKS in your refrigerator. When you accept delivery, please take a few minutes to inspect your order to protect your vegetables from unnecessary spoilage. Lastly, it is imperative that you understand our policy on Unclaimed Orders found on our Q&A page. When you make a purchase you are agreeing to abide by this policy.

Ready to Order?

Click here to sign in & shop now

  • If you do not receive an email confirmation immediately after you order, then you did not click the SUBMIT ORDER button and we did not receive an order from you.

Get to Know Us

Upcoming Events

NATHAN’S SATURDAY WORKSHOP “Successful Urban Farming in St. Petersburg” will resume on the 2nd Saturday of each month, starting on Jan. 12th from 1 – 3 PM. Details on curriculum will not change and will be posted closer to the date.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Mid-Georgia:  Heron Bay Farmers' Market

Dear All,

We are suspending the Heron Bay Farmers’ Market until sometime in January when we should be up and running with a new format as follows:

The market will be quite different from our usual. All orders MUST be made through our website

and MUST be completed by Thur 10 p.m.

We will deliver your order to Cannongate Parking lot each Saturday at 4 p.m. starting in January (actual date to be determined).

The delivery time will be limited to only 45 minutes, so please be prompt. We will not set up tents but most vendors will have some extras.

It is important to order through the website since this gives us time to put together your order and to make delivery efficient. All products that will be available for delivery will be updated and listed by Mon 10 p.m. when ordering can begin for the following Sat. delivery.

In order to place an order, you MUST open an account within the website. Once you have an account you will get a weekly update by email on what’s available and any modifications of location or times that might be needed. Please encourage your neighbors to sign up. We DO NOT sell, share of give out your personal information. The only one who knows or has access to “your” information is me (Bill), no other vendors.

Thanks for your patronage this past year, we look forward to the new format and more moisture which will help us grow more crops and be more consistent than we were able to be this past year.

We are grateful to Cannongate, Heron Bay, and Mikala Carver and her team at the Lodge for making this market available to you.

Have very Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!


The Sell Farm, LLC

Bob James
The James Family Farm

Sharon Fox
Fox Hollow Farm

Lynn Batchelor
Wally Bees Honey

ALFN Local Food Club:  3-Buddy's Shiitake Mushrooms

It’s been a long while, but 3-Buddy’s Berry & Mushroom Farm has their fall crop of Shiitake Mushrooms available! Chemical-free, grown on oak logs, tender and delicious! For some good recipes, I recommend Googling Shiitake Mushrooms Martha Stewart Recipes.

Tampa Bay :  Tri Color Carrots, Beets & Broccoli! Order by Tues night 11pm!

Birdhouse Buying Club of Tampa Bay

Providing Tampa Bay citizens a democratically-managed source of local, healthy, fresh food.

Seasonal Box

FL Sweet Corn- Long & Scott Farm
Heirloom Beets – Tomazin Farm
Broccoli – Tomazin Farm
Heirloom Carrots – Tomazin Farm
Collard Greens – Tomazin
Portabella – Monterey Mushroom

Contact Us

Our Website
On Facebook
Wednesday Pick-Ups"
Look for signs and cars parked in the back!

Market News

Hi Foodies!

The Birdhouse finally has again farm fresh eggs available (for pet consumption only of course), of which are coming from Ocoee FL – Lake Meadow Naturals Farm. Check them out by clicking here

Also, this week as you will see on the site, we have tri colored carrots, broccoli, pickling cucumbers, collard greens, and more!

The boxes are changing slightly, instead of coming pre packaged, the customer/member will get to hand select the produce they want in their box.

So that means we still only have a select amount of boxes available – so be sure to buy yours asap!

So come early if you want to buy local, fresh and mostly organic produce!

We first can’t thank those who have been behind the scenes making all this stuff happen – so to those who know who they are, THANK YOU for your help from farm to fork to the website and more.

Without volunteers, non of this awesome local & regional food would be possible.

If you’d like to get involved, please send an email to, or simply show up to the co-op near Ella’s and lets have a chat!

Some cool events & happenings are in the pipeline.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Coming Events

Harvest to Home Event: Florida Presbyterian Homes
Sunday Dec 2nd
Lakeland FL
for more ticket info click here – “The FSC MBA students in the strategic marketing class have selected our Loving Care Fund as one of their class projects this semester! They have planned a banquet featuring mostly organic, locally grown foods to be held here along the shores of Lake Hunter in front of our campus”

Co-op Steering Committee Meeting TBD (December)

Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring you the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious locally-produced foods possible.

Fresh and Local CSA Market:  Taking Orders Now for Delivery on Friday, Nov. 30

<If you don’t want to receive these emails, please send me an email to with a subject of “PLEASE REMOVE Nov 30!” The regular unsub system is not working and unsub requests get lost if you use the existing subjects. Sorry for the hassle.>

Five pound cheese blocks make an elegant, healthful, Christmas gift.

Cheese orders must be received no later than noon tomorrow, Nov 27 if they are to be delivered on Friday.

We’ll take vegetable orders up to 5 pm on Tuesday.

Please remember: we can run out of some items. All orders are first-come-first-served. You’ll get the best fill by ordering early.

We got to try frying the Brussel Sprout tops this week. They are AWESOME!! (The sprouts themselves aren’t ready yet.) See the recipe below


Farmer Allan

Fried Brussels Sprout Tops Recipe

1 bag Brussels Sprouts Tops
4 -6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 -4 garlic cloves, minced
lemon juice, my addition, for garnish (optional)
salt, to taste
white pepper, to taste


Separate the Brussel Sprout Tops leaves from the growing tip. Chop the leaves to a size you are comfortable with, but not too small.
In sauce pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add the brussel sprouts and fry, stirring occasionally, until very dark brown, almost charred, but NOT burnt.
The last minute of cooking, add the garlic and stir in to combine. Be careful not to burn the garlic!
Season to taste with salt, white pepper and lemon juice if using. Serve warm.

It’s killer!!

CAFE:  Happy You're-Welcomes-Giving Day

Monday Update 11/26/12


May the Monday following Thanksgiving Day be called You’re-Welcomes-Giving Day and be a day to acknowledge all the thanks we have received for everything we have done over the past year. Sound conceited? Not at all. It is just as reciprocal as the other day. We ask you as well to acknowledge all the thanks we have given you.

The thanks we gave last Thursday and celebrated by feasting, continues to still welcome us with left-overs in the refrigerator today.

Before your welcoming left-overs become “da nada” (nothing – all eaten), the reply to “Gracias” in Spanish, remember to begin stocking up for the next round of holiday celebrations. The CAFÉ Market is open until noon.

Eat well to stay well! Lance

We Are One Farmers Market:  Pre-Order Open

Good morning we hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend. Pre-order is now open for this Fridays market. Thank you.

Republican Valley Produce:  RVP- December Winter Farmers Market in Manhattan


I just wanted to remind everyone that the Winter Farmers Market will be this Saturday, December 1st from 8 til 12, in Manhattan. It is at Pottorf Hall at CICO park. If you could share this information with co-workers, church groups, Facebook Friends, Twitter followers, extended family, neighbors, complete strangers, bulletin boards fliers, etc, etc, etc, you get the point. We had lots of produce available, but the customer numbers were down compared to last year. I am just wanting to let as many people know about it as possible. If you know of any way to let others know about the market, please either let me know or feel free to let them know!

Thanks and hope to see you Saturday!


Porterdale, GA:  Available for pickup December 1

Hello everyone!
Just a quick message tonight-

Your orders are due by 9 pm Wednesday and pickup is from 10-11 at the depot in Porterdale on Saturday.
Thanks for being a part of this market!

Athens Locally Grown:  Availability for November 29

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Are you planning on bringing leftovers to lunch at work every day this week, like me? There are so many things to like about this time of year, but for me one of my favorites is I get more chances than ever to cook for friends and family. There are so many festive dinners, pot lucks, and other social gatherings, and we have so many great ingredients in season right now it’s hard to decide which ones to show off in each dish.

There are also four more weeks of the Saturday Athens Farmers Market at Bishop park (now opening at 9am), but don’t worry… we’re not going anywhere. We plan on being open every week through the winter, including the week of Christmas. There are nearly 1050 items available this week, and the diverse nature of our growers and their growing practices mean we should continue to have a wide range of products available all winter long. I can’t promise you the tomatoes will continue right through February, but they’re all doing a heck of a job getting them to us this late in the season! And the chef salads you can make with what’s available right now are out of this world. Mine are, anyway. For some reason I don’t eat much salad in the summer, but the greens available right now just can’t be missed.

I’ll go ahead and cut my letter short right here so you can get right to ordering. Thanks so much for your support of Athens Locally Grown, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. You all are part of what makes Athens such a great area in which to live. We’ll see you on Thursday at Ben’s Bikes at the corner of Pope and Broad Streets from 4:30 to 8pm!